How to get jobs as a freelance software developer or digital marketer.

How to get jobs as a freelance software developer or digital marketer.

Remote jobs are now becoming popular. Developers and marketers are mostly working from home, as freelancers, or employed. However, given the competition among software developers and digital marketers, making it to the top is a big challenge.  Let's look at how to get jobs as a freelancer in 2021.


What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is when you work as an independent software developer. Companies and individuals hire you to do their work without having to permanently employ you. It is best for software developers who know what they want and are really good at working alone. Also if you want a little freedom as to what you can do with your time, then freelancing can be your thing.



How to get jobs as a freelance software developer.

This is what you need to really make it as a freelancer. This list is highly based on the writer's opinion, so don't think that the only way of making it as a freelancer.


  • Be Extra Good at a Particular Technology

    Decide which technology or framework you are good at, or you would like to be good at. Learn the technology, programming language, or framework to be better than average. Whenever you're given a task to do, use that particular technology and reuse some functions, designs, or principles. This will help you get things done quickly because you're used to using the technology.

  • Make Products, SaaS Softwares or Platforms

    Building a portfolio is also very important. Nobody can hire you if they're not sure of your expertise. So having a side or hobby project you maintain is a plus. Try to solve real-world problems and offer a well thought out solution. It doesn't have to be complex and all working, but you have to improve it over time.

  • Contribute to Online Forums

    As hard as it is sometimes to contribute to online forums, you must learn to find yourself time to contribute to online forums such as, and StackOverflow. This will help you develop a reputation and establish an online presence among developers.




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