What is JAMStack and why you must use It.

What is JAMStack and why you must use It.


JavaScript, API, and Markup Stack. It is a web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript., reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup. JAMStack helps build a secure and fast website that can scale better. In this article, we'll introduce you to what JAMStack is and why you must use it. 

The internet is a world of constant change, new frameworks and new architectures are introduced all the time. The word JAMStack was coined by Netflix in 2017. It was introduced as alternative to the LAMP (Linux, APache, MySQL, and PHP) and MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) stacks.




This is refering to client side JavaScript, it can be React or Angular.


All server side operations are bundles into reusable APIs and accessed over HTTPs with JavaScript (axios, fetch).


The website is then served as static HTML files. The static pages can be generated from Markdown using a SSG.


Why you should use JAMStack

Now that you understand a bit about JAMStack let's take a look at why people use it, it's benefits.

1. Security

In concept, or by design, JAMStack sites are very secure. Since your site does not interect with the server many times, this will mean less potential for security breaches. Also, a requested site page is always returned as an HTML file for the page. No need to build from CSS, JavaScript assets all the time.


2. Speed

This comes as no surprise, JAMStack websites are very fast. HTML is generated in advance, and database queries are elimanated. Fast loading times helps reduce visitors bounce rate.


3. SEO Friendly

A fast website is often favoured by search engines. Using JAMStack to develop your blog can help imrove your SEO.


4. Less Expensive

Hosting JAMStack is very cheap, close to nothing. There're many hosting providers that offer free hosting for static sites.



Static Site Generators

There are about 457 static site generators out there, YES 457 of them and it can confusing to choose. I'll introduce you to some of them.


1. Gatsby

It is reactjs based and it uses GraphQL to fetch data. Gasby has an advantage over the other SSG because of it's active ecosystem and rich documentation.


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