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ACV Auctions is the leading dealer-to-dealer, the online automotive marketplace in the nation. We bring transparency to every transaction from start to finish, ensuring peace of mind and value for our customers. We do this with a combination of the industry’s best technology and the world’s best people. As a result of our team’s tireless effort and dedication, we’re growing at a staggering rate. ACV is attracting new people from widely different backgrounds and geographies who are invested in the genuine belief that we are creating something special.   

Our team members are extremely hardworking, striving to improve our customer experience every day. By investing substantially in technology we help our customers make smarter decisions and grow their businesses. With calm persistence, we constantly innovate and challenge the status quo. Our objectives are simple -- we want to be known beyond our industry for our world-class service, technology and we want to be the most trusted partner for our customers.

We are committed to working with progressive technologies as we build out new products and features to empower our dealer partners. 

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