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Our engineering mission is to enable success with open source for others. To achieve that, we invest in a very wide range of work. We build a portfolio of super-optimised kernels for different clouds and silicon. We invent better security mechanisms for every class of app. We integrate and polish tens of thousands of debs and maintain them for a decade. We design and deliver the best desktop environments on Linux.

Ubuntu is the world's favourite Linux. Snaps are the most secure, reliable application package. Charms are universal operators. We invest in the desktop because it's freedom for those with the least and freedom for those who want to create the future. We invest in security because we want technology to serve its users faithfully. We invent better software delivery and operations capabilities because that frees people to focus on their own ideas and businesses.

We have a high expectation of competence and passion for technology, regardless of your title. The future is already here, as open-source, and Canonical’s mission is to deliver it to the world. We are part of the biggest change in technology history - to open source - and we play a critical role in broadening the benefits of open source to ever more people. Every role at the company involves good judgement against the backdrop of the fast-moving technology landscape. We look for people who find that interesting.

Culture of ownership and accountability

Engineering sizes its own work and makes its own commitments to deliver on a cadence. We plan in six-month increments against the backdrop of an LTS every two years. We don't flail or flap and change priorities at short notice. In return, we expect clarity of execution, quality in code, delivery to commitments, and accountability for the work. It's a serious responsibility to deliver the platform that so many count on, and we count on engineering to find the balance between stability and innovation in every aspect of our platform.

Truly distributed

Canonical is a completely new kind of organisation - entirely distributed, we are a global team of technology leaders who collaborate online to enable the transformation of enterprise software to open source. We have a few office locations, but almost everybody works from home. Teams get together every few months at locations around the world to plan and coordinate their projects.

Best in class

Open source is transforming the entire stack. This is your chance to be right at the centre of that revolution, to shape the platforms and tools that millions use to invent our global technology future. From bare metal to cloud to high-performance computing, from AI and big data to the web and connected devices, open-source is the key ingredient for success. Canonical offers the opportunity to work across the entire spectrum.

Enterprise focused

Canonical has a global following of sophisticated tech readers and decision-makers, constantly evaluating the state of the art for open infrastructure and applications. The world is moving to Ubuntu – open-source that's faster, cheaper and better. Empower engineers, secure precious data, share knowledge and lead the change.

Canonical has an intense global mission - to deliver the world’s best open source experience, from platform to application, to support the ambitions of the most ambitious and meet the needs of the neediest. We touch every aspect of open source technology, and we offer a wide range of technology and business careers.

We cover the toolchain and language runtimes, the kernel, graphics stack, networking, virtualisation, security, data, and everything else that builds on Ubuntu. From the Raspberry Pi to the mainframe, from real-time controllers to the cloud. Building Ubuntu and associated tools is a global responsibility, we look for people who understand what it means to give the world its platform and are committed to excellence in that mission. We do best when we are bringing complex pieces together to make it easy for the world to consume, so knowing how the stack works, and working carefully in a complex environment, are the strengths we value most highly.

You might start out as a product developer, then choose to get more travel and focus on customer transformation and cloud operations, then take on a role in tech leadership or management. We value people who love to learn - not just how to be a better engineer, but how to be a better speaker, how to be a better designer, better organiser, better partner and better vendor.


Open source is transforming the entire stack. This is your chance to be right at the centre of that revolution, to shape the platforms and tools that millions use to invent our global technology future. From bare metal to cloud to high performance computing, from AI and big data to the web and connected devices, open source is the key to success. We build software that millions depend on, we invent new ways to experience open source. Quality, clarity and community are how we judge our work.


Getting it done right is the best feeling in the world. We don't cowboy fixes in production, we fix the code that makes production happen. Whether it’s running complex technical infrastructure or challenging projects, your consistent focus on data, organisation and teamwork means you’re a force for good in the battle against entropy. Time zones are easy and technical customers are your favourite.

Web & design

The design team at Canonical crafts and builds UX for sophisticated technical specialists across a wide range of industries and geographies. We design and build websites, complex web apps and Ubuntu itself.

Project Management

Project Managers at Canonical are engaged during all phases of the project, from pre-sales, to delivery to handoff. Keep us on rails, keep our customers clear and catch problems before they escalate.

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