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Chicago, Il

Technology Stack


What's the job?

  • Information security consulting: assessing the security of software and hardware systems.
  • Understanding how systems are built and learning how to break them.
  • Working with our experienced team on short-to-medium term engagements.

Who are we looking for?

  • You do not need to have information security experience
  • People who enjoy writing code, solving problems with code, and learning how computers work at a fundamental level.
  • We’re hiring for all experience levels: from zero experience to information security veterans.
  • We have teams in NYC and Denver... but we also do remote work.

If you'd like to join us:



Every candidate will be reviewed by one of our consultants. The "upload your resume and wait" dead-end doesn't exist here.

We believe in a balanced life

Our team doesn’t discover vulnerabilities and bang on keyboards all day -- we trail run, play music, ride bikes, and enjoy a well-rounded lives. We believe that wellness and happiness compounds our joys in life and leads to more success in work. We work at a long-term, sustainable pace and actively encourage and help our consultants to pursue their interests outside of security and technology.

We respect our consultants autonomy, mastery, and purpose

We’ll empower you to master technical competencies and consulting skills -- not only so you can deliver successful arrangements with our clients, but so you can learn and grow as a security consultant. We’ll create a personal roadmap for your growth at Carve including both technical and management tracks so that you can advance your career, on your terms. We believe in letting you create the work environment that’s best for you -- working at Carve isn’t an “office job.”

We’re information security experts

Working at Carve lets you learn from some of the best and brightest in security -- and they aren’t just on our team. We believe in engaging with the broader security community to stay on top of our game. You’ll have the opportunity to attend conferences, conduct research, and expand your horizons outside of project-based work.

Tools of Software Deconstruction

  • python
  • wireshark
  • burp

We are experts at software deconstruction. Our clients bring us their applications and devices and we tear it up. Since we don't care what tech stack our clients use we often end up learning something new on the fly to get the job done.

Our projects tend to have enough variety that you'll need to build your own test rigs to gain access to the software.

When we do create tools to do our jobs better we tend to write in Python.

More Information

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