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As a company, we believe we are tackling one of the harder problems in the restaurant industry - POS integrations. The POS industry is extremely fragmented but a POS forms the central nervous system of every restaurant - small or large. The restaurant industry is also serviced by a lot of service providers, each working within their own system and separated from the core POS systems. We are building a deep level integration with the relevant POSs in the industry to be able to provide more manageable and centralized solutions for the restaurants.

POS integration is in our DNA and we have always done that from the start. Our team has built a god system and process for integrating into POS systems, and we are now looking to expand that team and continue with providing challenges to our engineers.

We are currently integrating 70 different online ordering platforms to over 40 different POS systems. Just maintaining and gradually scaling this complex hub is quite a feat. We are looking for engineers who can build with medium-term growth in mind. We are now a sustainable startup that is out of the "build for now" mode, but also not building yet for the very long term. We are looking for engineers who can focus on the task at hand, while also working to slowly refactor and improve our code.

We have always been a remote company so we are used to the collaboration and communication that comes with working in a remote environment. We are confident we have been able to build a very competent and collaborative team, always willing to help each other out and are looking to continue to grow that culture.


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