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Since the beginning we’ve been a group of passionate individuals yearning to make an impact. From surviving the shack, to janking features in the barn, to building real value for customers — these values are what we’ve found leads to success at Coder.

We are proud to sign our names on our products.

You should be proud to claim ownership of the work you produce at Coder. Never have the “good enough” mentality and never dip below your own (expectedly high) standards.



We win and lose as teams.

Teams at Coder are more than random coworkers. We care about the people we work with, their growth and ambitions and that everyone is aligned to reach the same common goal. Everything should happen as a team — celebrating the wins, and learning from the losses.

We seek feedback early and often.

We’ve found that learning in public is a fantastic way to discover that maybe you’re running in the wrong direction. Let your team members peek into your work — they might even have some great ideas to contribute.

We celebrate expressing ideas, wherever they come from.



You can never be certain that something good won’t come from something bad. Some of the worst ideas we have ever had eventually spawned valuable creations — so please share your ideas — even the ones that you think may not be the best.

We evolve, not revolve.

There’s no need to scrap everything and restart. Get enough small wins and you’ll feel yourself knocking things out of the park.

We don't let hierarchy hinder innovation.

Don't be a roadblock to change. If your approval is needed for something to progress either give it quickly or empower someone else to act. Conversely, if you need someone's approval, set a timeline for receiving it and don't be afraid to push for a response. 

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