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Summary Our front-end engineering team develops interfaces to deliver value to more than 15,000 customers worldwide. The team is internationalized and is developing applications available in Japanese and English.

The role of our front-end software engineer is involved in everything from implementing UIs for customer consoles and other internal and external web applications to helping customers design APIs.

All front-end engineers are involved not only in implementing applications, but also in evaluating and selecting optimal technologies in order to maintain development speed and ensure that customers can use our functions comfortably.

As we release new features and services at a fast pace and continually improves existing systems, we have regular opportunities to develop new components and applications. By constantly evolving both the system and the developers themselves, we utilize the latest technology to provide valuable products for our customers' system construction. Our front-end engineering team works regularly with other engineers, hardware teams, sales and marketing, and customers, as well as the development team, to help them develop the software they need.

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