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The Age of Privacy requires a new standard of transparency.

Due to stringent and changing privacy regulations, organizations face uncertainty and regulatory challenges. The company’s business systems were not designed to be compliant.

We’re building a company and team to solve this problem. We’ve raised $9.2M and are built and backed by executives and founders at DocuSign, MuleSoft, Twilio, Cloudera, Oracle,, HP Labs, Facebook, and Quantcast.

We live by our values:

  • Be transparent
  • Build trust
  • Be bold
  • Make each other better
  • Learn from failure

Join our team and shape the new standard of transparency.


Our platform is built on Rails, React, Postgres, and AWS. We integrate with hundreds of diverse SaaS and IT systems and distill complex privacy regulations into products that make it easy for our customers to comply and allow individuals access to their rights.


At DataGrail, software engineering is a team sport. We bring others along and join them on the journey.

We’re customer-focused. We do what is best for our customers, not best for our egos. This means we move fast and focus on shipping value, not just code, to our customers.

We make trade-offs. The decisions we make today may not make sense in two years. The best engineers pivot from problems to solutions though. We're comfortable with good enough over perfect.

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