Our engineering team is located in Oslo, Norway, with smaller teams in Vietnam and US east coast. We work on projects with global reach and scale, such as:

  • Disease surveillance and monitoring in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). DHIS 2 is used to notify the right people about possible disease outbreaks so that action can be taken in time.
  • HIV/AIDS control in collaboration with PEPFAR, the largest initiative ever for combating a single disease. DHIS 2 is used to collect and analyse data, and to provide insights into how funding can be spent most effectively.
  • Health information management systems with more than 60 ministries of health worldwide, including South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Cambodia. DHIS 2 is used to collect and analyze data for areas such as service utilization, family planning and immunization.
  • Program monitoring and evaluation with more than 70 NGOs such as Medecins Sans FrontieresSave the Children, and PSI. DHIS 2 is used to analyse the impact of programs and guide resource utilization.

DHIS 2 software engineers work on problems within data analytics, information retrieval, metadata management, web APIs, data synchronization and security.

With us you get a chance to work on stuff that really matters: Improving the health and well-being of people in developing countries through access and use of information. Our platform is used in more than 60 countries worldwide and has the scale and adoption which will allow you to make an impact globally.

We give you a lot of flexibility and freedom and there is no micro-management or strict hierarchies. At DHIS 2 we believe you will do your best work if you fully understand the context which the system operates in. As a result you are encouraged to engage directly with our projects, take part in the design process and get feedback from users in the field. If you like traveling there will be opportunities to go to other continents and be part of required meetings and workshops.

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