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Technology Stack


GrammaTech has two distinct business development units, the Product Team and the Research Team. Information on both can be found on the company website.

The Product Team focuses on our CodeSonar product line.

CodeSonar employs a unified dataflow and symbolic execution analysis that examines the computation of the complete application. By not relying on pattern matching or similar approximations, CodeSonar's static analysis engine is extraordinarily deep, finding 3-5 times more defects on average than other static analysis tools.

Unlike many software development tools, such as testing tools, compilers, configuration management, etc., SAST tools can be integrated into a team's development process at any time with ease. SAST technologies like CodeSonar simply attach to your existing build environments to add analysis information to your verification process.

The Research Team responds to the Request for Proposals from the government and other sponsors.

Our expertise in software analysis and binary transformation comes from decades of experience in high-tech research with the U.S. government and other organizations. Over the past two decades, we have partnered with several groups to help solve some of the most complex software challenges that impact devices' resiliency, safety, and security. Our work has been focused on three areas:



  • Software Assurance: new techniques and technologies for analyzing and correcting software to ensure runtime integrity and prevent unplanned system breaches and failures.
  • Software Hardening: technologies solely focused on system resiliency.
  • Autonomic Computing: providing software systems with the ability to ‘self-protect’



Our Tech Stack

As our tagline states - "Innovation is at the heart of GrammaTech." We are constantly pushing the boundaries of software research and development, from software assurance and software integrity to cyber-security threat mitigation and autonomic computing.

Unlike other traditional tools vendors, GrammaTech's mission balances a commercial business with a very strong research arm. Our staff, including over 20 PhDs, are focused on the most challenging software issues impacting the embedded, M2M, and IoT equipment markets, through a stream of highly innovative research programs advancing techniques and technologies in software analysis, transformation, monitoring, and autonomic functions.

Examples of our current or completed research projects can be found at:

It's worth your time to understand the level of computing so you understand the intensive and lengthy recruiting process.

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