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Holmusk is home to two technical teams that work together to solve complex healthcare problems by building great products powered by advanced data analytics.

The Product Team

The product team is made of ~15 people and growing. Developers, UX/UI designers, and product managers work together in the team to build tech solutions for patients, doctors, and researchers.

While most of the team is currently based in Singapore, we have people working remotely from Malaysia, India, Europe, and the US. A typical developer at Holmusk would be involved in 1 to 3 projects at any given time - some of our current work includes:

+ building a mobile application for mental health patients to track their symptoms

+ building a platform to access and analyze Holmusk's mental health dataset

+ building clinical decision-making support tools to deploy in Hospitals

You can read more about our work here: 

The Data Science Team

Our team is primarily based in Singapore. In the next year, we will be expanding our data science team in China and in the US. Each project is composed of a Senior Data Scientist and 1-3 junior data scientists. Senior Data Scientists typically manage 2-4 data science projects at any given time, whereas Junior Data Scientists focus on 1-2 projects. The project lengths vary between 1 month to 1 year. The majority of the projects are client-led, while some are driven by in-house innovation.

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