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We’re a passionate group of fitness enthusiasts, technology experts, and business professionals who strive to inspire our customers with the latest and greatest fitness technology. We believe that a healthy lifestyle should be exciting, so we constantly push the limits to bring our customers state-of-the-art products that will help them in every aspect of their lives. 





”Getting to work somewhere where I feel like I'm appreciated and my opinions matter. My job has never felt like a job to me, I enjoy getting to work with iFit every day!”

“Autonomy, wonderful work/life balance, very family-friendly, everyone's voice is heard and working with very intelligent coworkers makes working at iFit awesome to name a few!”

“The remote work culture is outstanding. Teams feel unified and productive while having that flexibility that remote work provides. I feel connected to the team even though we’re all over the country.”

”Excellent remote work culture environment where you feel part of a team and not just the “remote” guy of the company”

“We get to work for a company that as it succeeds, it helps more and more people. People benefit from the use of our products, and that is something not every company can say. Plus, it is great working with people that have a passion for health and fitness, and we have the best coworkers.”


At iFit, growth is personal and doesn’t have one distinct path. We are all about improvement and growth, not only true for our products but also for our people. We encourage autonomy, cultivate creativity, and expand education. We provide a monthly education stipend for courses, books, and other materials, as well as learning subscriptions for our employees. 

”I feel like I've grown ten-fold since starting with iFit, due to our focus on new technologies and an amazing team always willing to share knowledge. I learn something new every day. Plus the product is awesome! What more could you ask?”

“Having the opportunity to build a product that makes a real difference in people’s lives while working with some of the most supportive coworkers I’ve ever worked with. Every day there’s a new challenge to conquer and learn from.”


“I get to work with others who share my passion for health and fitness and help others live healthier lives!”

“Being able to combine my love of fitness and programming to build a product that matters with an amazing group of people that I enjoy spending my time with and all the while having fun and looking forward to what we'll do next!”

“I get to push myself every single day. I feel so lucky to be able to pursue what I am passionate about.”

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