OV means Internet of Value, the story behind the concept is to say that we are all forming part of a chain that shares and retransmits information with more freedom of participation and inclusion.
We promote a horizontal and collaborative way of interacting in which everyone takes part in the process.

All the Interactions are different between people, and all people are different as well (from different nationalities, cultures & backgrounds). To make these interactions and connections work we depend on each other and we are all equal inside the blockchain.
The Seed is a symbol of the source of the beginning, and Evoque the start of something bigger and the core of what's to come. We create the networks by constructing, assembling and joining parts of reds of connections

Our teams are organized like this:
Product teams

  • RSK smart contracts
    RSK adds value and expands functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing smart contracts and greater scalability, establishing the foundation for the financial system of the future.
    • Mining
    • Client
    • Interoperability
    • Bridge

  • RSK infrastructure framework (RIF)
    Built on top of RSK, RIF aims to create the building blocks to construct a fully decentralized internet to enable Decentralized Sharing Economies in order to empower and protect the value of individuals.
    • Identity
    • Payments
    • Storage
    • Marketplace

  • Taringa
    Taringa! is the world ear in which everybody´s voice is, and it is becoming a model of the social media platforms of the future censorship-resistant in which individuals will be fully in control of their information and value.

  • Dev Relations
    • Integrations
    • Advocacy
    • Content

  • Tech support teams:
    • DevOps
    • QA
    • Security

More Information

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