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Our ambitious team is devoted to change healthcare as the way it is today. We can experiment in one of our numerous European research projects that in the end need to be applied to the real world. 

Our cloud-based software solutions (SaaS)  are a match for a broad variety of health professionals and coaches. 

We are a growing team with a very flat organization where everybody is involved and can be contacted immediately!

  • Jan-Marc Verlinden is CEO
  • Tatyana  is HR manager
  • Then we have some bookkeeping stuff
  • We have DevOps and testers
  • Elena  is full time working Medical Doctor
  • Maksim  is a  Designer
  • And then we have the developers' and sales and marketing teams.

The team today is a mix of experienced, medior, and junior-level developers and specialists. We work in an agile way, following scrum methodology.


Our MedRecord platform


MedRecord has been working on technology solutions and services for the healthcare industry since 2007. We successfully engage with third-party security auditors, such as MedMij, to guarantee safety and compliance with health IT standards and regulations. We built an electronic health record platform that allows clinical staff to effectively manage patient data and establish a smooth workflow while improving overall productivity. 

Our company is a partner of many international European Funds in the e-health projects. In these projects, we provide our platform for the development of medical applications from these funds and partners. Thus we partner with Health Institutions on monitoring over 2000 patients with diabetes using our platform to control their measurements, schedules, appointments, etc. 

The platform will be synchronized with wearable devices of epilepsy patients to gather the data and analyze it. 

Our completely standardized Cloud-based eHealth platform MedRecord provides optimization of various patient medical experience. Our customers are able to manage patient flow, maintain patient records, and provide personalized care. The platform is easily matched with health tracking devices (health bracelets, sensors, blood pressure, and heart rate monitors, etc). 

We want to transform the way in which people plan, track, and keep their health and health procedures. 

We are certified according to:

  • ISO27001 (organization)
  • NEN7510 (security for medical data)
  • FHIR (API definition)

We only believe in extremely high standards of development, which you set yourself.. :-)

Our stack (we love open source!)

Backend side:

  • Java
  • REST API (with Swagger)
  • Microservice Architecture 

Middleware: NodeJS

Frontend side:

  • Angular 2+
  • Typescript
  • And we want some new usage of maybe Nativescript

More Information

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