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We are an early-stage, self-funded start-up, founded by one of the creators of Google Reader.

Our team is small and we all wear many different hats. Every member of our team has a direct influence on setting the direction of our products, as well as shaping our company culture. We believe in open communication between all team members, and learning on the job.

We value diversity and inclusion in everything we do, and we want to do it right from the beginning.

We are 100% distributed (US & Canada), and have flexible working hours.

Technologies we're currently using include:

  • Kotlin
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • GraphQL
  • Typescript
  • NextJS
  • React
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Helm
  • Amazon Web Services (including SQS and S3)

That said, we care more about our employees' ability to learn new things and their passion for excellence in our craft than preexisting knowledge in any specific technology.

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