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We are the fastest growing technology start-up in the Australian logistics space and are headquartered at our beautiful offices in Sydney with our technology team operating remotely. 

Ofload connects the long tail of thousands of road freight carriers to Australia's largest shippers. We use technology to efficiently allocate supply and demand, and thereby eliminate the enormous amounts of waste in the industry - roughly every third truck on Australian roads drives empty, imagine! 

Our Vision

We're on an ambitious journey to eliminate all waste in road freight. In Australia alone, trucks drive empty roughly 30% of the time, and every other day the truck stands still. This has a huge impact on our environment and makes it challenging for the long tail of ~50,000 trucking companies in Australia to compete. By building a digital platform for road freight, and empowering and coordinating the long tail through technology, we can transform one of the world's largest industries.

More Information

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