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We aim for the stars; we get there one step at a time. We want to tackle and solve hard problems, with a sense of urgency and bias toward action. We promote radical change through incremental steps. We are balanced: Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy, betting the house is for cowboys.


We care for each other. We are good colleagues. We are focused on accessibility, not hierarchy. We jump in to help one another whenever we can. We double down on solidarity when we are under pressure.


We are here to help our customers thrive. We live and breathe because we make software run, and nothing matters as much as keeping our customers’ applications running. But our goal is bigger. We measure our success on how we improve our customer’s lives, and their digital businesses.


We never sacrifice quality.  We appreciate and value quality in everything we do: code, design and communication. Our product is written with good, sustainable, explicit code and accessible, user-centric design. We automate everything that we can automate, and always design for resilience and high-availability. We know how to refactor, let go, and change when we have to. We stay aware of the world around us.


We are diverse, curious, passionate, and courageous.  Our work is not assigned to us, we grab it. Our work goes way beyond what’s immediately expected from us. Structures and roles are there to help guide us, not limit and contain us. We want people who are passionate, open, multicultural, friendly, and smart. We are demanding of ourselves and expect a lot from our colleagues but stay driven by our sense of common purpose and solidarity.


We are fair, and we don’t bullshit.  We are fair to our team members, fair to our clients, fair to our partners, and we care about doing the right thing. We are fair when people join us, as team members, clients or partners, and we are fair when they leave. We owe the truth to our teams, partners and clients. Our marketing and sales only communicate facts (and plausible fairy tales).




Our tech stack


What we are about

Software has eaten the world, and the web has eaten software. This should have been solved, yet even now creating, deploying, maintaining and iterating on the simplest of web sites is hard, broken and risky. is a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution, the most extreme version of DevOps. A second generation PaaS. Call us NoOps. Call us serverless. With everything from development workflow to managed hosting included. can clone a full web application with all of production data in under a minute to create on-the-fly ephemeral staging clusters for every new feature a developer creates. Every new feature, every bugfix, can be tested in parallel and in perfect isolation on what is precisely the production site, with all of production data. And every time you test a new feature you also test that it deploys correctly giving you fail-proof deployments. On top of this we provide triple redundancy high-availability of every element of the stack. This allows us to propose incredible four nines availability guarantees accompanied with strong service SLAs.



Our technical team

The core team of engineers is very small. And we plan on keeping it that way. And though we hate NIH as the next group around we never shy from a challenge. If it ain't good enough we'll rebuild it. Because if no-one wanted to reinvent the wheel from time to time, we would still be riding on some extremely uncomfortable wooden wagons. Rocket surgery and black magic is often involved. The product roadmap is very much engineering-driven (with a blissful agreement with the marketing people).

The project

This is a project that is built it from the ground up. We rely on many beautiful Open Source projects, from Debian through Zookeeper and LXC. But is its own thing. We built from scratch a whole container management platform. Our own SDN implementation. Our own multi-protocol proxy. A full consistent (and fast!) build toolchain to create containers and VMs. We go as low-level as we need to in order to deliver an unrivaled experience to our customers. We can sincerely say that there is a bunch of stuff we can do, currently, no one else in the industry seems to be able to do.

Our stack

The orchestration layer is mostly Python. Everything that goes through the request is written in Golang. We contribute a bunch of C upstream. Our billing software (yup we built that too) is based on Drupal Commerce. And our UI is in React.

We work pull style (every developer chooses what he works on) and give a lot of space for experimentation and learning. We are agile "with just enough methodology but no more". We deliver continuously and invest a lot in reliability and robustness.

About the company is an idea-to-cloud application platform that simplifies cloud infrastructures.

We give developers the tools they need to experiment, innovate, get rapid feedback, and deliver better-quality features with speed and confidence thanks to our unique rapid cloning technology. serves thousands of customers worldwide including The Financial Times, Gap, Magento Commerce, Orange, Hachette, Ikea, Stanford University, Harvard University, and The British Council.

We want people who are passionate, open, multicultural, friendly, humble, and smart to join us and help this fast-growing, award-winning company to revolutionize the tech industry.

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