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Flawless financial closing, reporting, and workflow

Silverfin is a cloud platform that makes accountancy firms more successful. It improves the efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability of compliance services, and powers the development and delivery of advisory services.



Silverfin takes financial data directly from client systems and hosts it securely in a single cloud Structured Data Hub. Then templates standardize, and automate accounting workflows and use the data hub to make compliance easy, fast, and accurate.

But that’s only half the story. Leading firms use Silverfin to power their advisory services too. Looking at data and trends, right across the client portfolio is easy and automatic alerts warn of risks or identify opportunities to give advice or sell additional services.

We call this connected accounting and our customers tell us Silverfin has made their day-to-day business better and given them the data, tools, and time, they need to deliver the advisory services and insights their clients really value. 



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