Socure's technology team is the backbone to ID+, our end-to-end Machine Learning platform that promotes financial inclusion by accurately identifying identities in real time. This incredible team is responsible for building the products, data pipeline and internal tools we need to achieve our mission to completely eliminate identity fraud. 

It has been a remarkable journey of growth at Socure: in the past 2 years, we have grown from 50 to 180+ Socureans! Our global technology team, located in the US and Chennai makes up a significant part of Socure and work in close partnership with our other departments.

Our technologists are a reminder of how a cohesive team builds the strongest products. We have embraced a few principles that promote team excellence:

Be competitive externally, but collaborative internally. Yes, competition can drive innovation but we are all on the same team and bound by the same mission. 

Adopt a shared ownership mentality... but take accountability for your individual story.

The best idea prevails. We encourage technologists of all backgrounds and seniority levels to speak up and share their ideas. The idea that shines through is the one that is the most efficient and best serves our customers. 

As we look to bring new, exciting products to market and continue to iterate and improve on our existing solutions, WE ARE HIRING for team members in the USA & Chennai. Who will excel at Socure? Someone who wants to challenge the status quo, solve some of our most exciting technical challenges, and build some pretty cool products! 

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