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Suzy has a diverse team of local, remote, and international developers and a variety of projects and features build-outs in order to innovate and drive engagement for our members and clients.  We work in an agile environment with two-week sprints, in-house QA resources, and an atmosphere of collaboration and learning.  Some project we are working on include:  

  • iOS and Android mobile apps (built with Xamarin)
  • Text processing
  • Real-time data visualization  
  • Machine learning



Our Tech Stack

The Suzy platform was rebuilt and relaunched in 2018 with a focus on utilizing new technologies and creating a strong foundation to leverage a large and unique data set.  On a monthly basis, Suzy receives millions of responses to the questions that our clients launch to our member base.  We are in the process of building a variety of tools for querying and analyzing the results and developing a layer of intelligence on top of them.

Suzy is a company that has a remarkable book of clients and a history of success, but a renewed focus on swift innovation, not just from the Product and Development teams, but across the organization.  We are building some really cool stuff.   

Here is our tech stack:

  • .Net/C#
  • Angular 5
  • SQL Server
  • Elasticsearch
  • Xamarin

More Information

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