Our mission is to make bidding simple, accessible, and fun. Why? Because we believe auctions no longer need to be ‘old school’ and complex.



The story of Vavato


VAVATO was established in 2015 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wanted to digitalize the auction market in Belgium. And they succeeded!

Today Vavato is a high-end, online auction house specialized in industrial goods, overstock, and insolvency goods and grew out to be the reference in the Belgian market. Today we have more than 200.000 followers on Facebook and have more than 330.000 visits per month. 

Vavato has an idiosyncratic, innovative mindset & keeps its startup spirit alive & kicking. Thanks to a diverse team of 28 employees we commit ourselves every day to follow up on the digital trends of tomorrow and to develop our platforms on a day to day basis. By doing this we always keep the User Experience at heart. 

Now Vavato is ready for the next chapter! And that’s where you come into play. 



The challenge

Exciting times!  At Vavato we are building a development team from scratch to further develop our auction platform, initially built by a 3rd party agency.

Our main focus? 

  • Optimizing & Innovating our current platform 
  • International expansion

We are looking for highly motivated colleagues willing to be part of a growing start-up / scale-up adventure with a work hard play hard mentality. 

You will join our brand new IT department and will have a high degree of responsibility and freedom to execute your job. At Vavato you will make a difference every day and you will have a high impact in out rocket ship growth organization.

As a real team player you will help our company grow on a daily basis. We encourage innovative ideas and recommendations for future optimizations. 

There is plenty of room to develop your skills and to grow within the company.

Our goal is to make this company 10x bigger than it is today. Plenty of opportunities will be available down the road for ambitious & skilled people.

And don’t forget! We also expect you to have fun whilst doing your job, because at Vavato we still have the real work hard play hard mentality. On a Friday we like to end the week with a drink at our own bar (Café MoeMoe) and during lunch one of the colleagues is always up for a game of table tennis! :)

We expect you to take full ownership of your work, work hard, especially when needed - production issues can occur and have to be tackled, issues arise daily that require immediate attention to avoid hurting the company's bottom line. We try to structure work as best as we can, but sometimes you will have to cope with chaos.

Our way of working

  • We deploy multiple times a day to production with zero downtime using Continuous Delivery
  • We follow the open source model with our CTO being the benevolent dictator on the product and everyone contributing through pull requests
  • We believe in the values of Software Craftsmanship and do things "the right way", even under pressure.
  • We work directly with the stakeholders within the company (sales, marketing, logistics, admin) without any proxy between the people who need a feature and the people working on it
  • We do unit testing, integration testing, black box testing and testing spanning the whole stack. This way you know that code that hits master is production ready.
  • We use Kanban and release features as they become ready, without ever doing big bang releases and without creating "a release".
  • All of your code will be reviewed by a peer before being put into production to accelerate your learning and for your own ease of mind
  • Everything in our infrastructure is scripted either through Terraform or Ansible to ensure reproducible builds and to be disaster proof
  • We have hourly full backups of the database in case anything goes wrong
  • We have tested our disaster recovery plan extensively
  • We use trunk-based development, our branches are very short lived, and we employ feature toggles to ship code to production as early as possible without making it visible to users

More Information

Visit Vavato official website for more information

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