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Product Owner

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Date Posted: 23 March, 2021

Location: UK Only, TELECOMMUTE

Hi, we’re Hippo.

We are an end-to-end service design consultancy.

In other words, we blend expertise in policy, research, design, data and development to create and deliver services and products that work for everyone.

We need you to turn your client’s goals into actions.

This means creating a compelling vision for your product, developing the product roadmap, writing user stories and actively managing them in a prioritised backlog.

We need you to inspire and guide your colleagues.

This means helping them understand the client’s needs, explaining the broader context and setting sprint goals. You’ll also protect the team from unwanted distraction where possible, allowing them to focus solely on delivery.

We need you to engage and inform your stakeholders.

This means taking responsibility for stakeholder engagement and having the credibility and humility to communicate with an extremely diverse group of people.

We don’t need you to have any certificates or qualifications, but we do need to be confident that you have the ability to:

  • Lead groups of people that are specialists in their field
  • Identify and measure value
  • Build consensus amongst people with different perspectives, with the confidence to make decisive decisions when consensus is not possible
  • Bridge the gap between stakeholders and the team so the team can remain focused on delivery
  • Find pragmatic and creative ways to overcome obstacles
  • Ensure the user is at the heart of the product and the team
  • Perform well in a wide variety of disciplines (Scrum, Kanban, DevOps)
  • Deliver products that meet user needs whilst balancing political, economic, social and technological factors
  • Communicate confidently and credibly on behalf of the company the the client
  • Lead workshops and group exercises, remotely and in-person
  • Build capability in others, helping colleagues and clients know what to do when you are not around


If you think you can demonstrate the majority of these things we would love to hear from you.

We don’t need the finished article. The whole purpose of our Product Owner community is to help everyone develop the areas they need to work on.

People are at the centre of everything we do. We’re a diverse and close-knit community united by a love for solving complex problems for our clients and their users.

We take a common sense approach to getting things done. We get things wrong, we learn from experience and we adapt. We stay curious and never stop learning.

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