Business Development

Business Development

At Cloud Humans

Date Posted: 23 March, 2021

Location: Brazil Only, TELECOMMUTE

About cloud humans

We believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunities are not. Our mission is to give people access to equal opportunities while giving companies access to the most productive and driven community of professionals. 

Cloud humans is changing the way people work and how companies build their sales and operations teams. We're changing that by aligning incentives between Cloud Pros (independent contractors) who want to learn and work hard with companies that expect high quality outcomes. 

Our technology completely removes the "work" of managing these teams while also allowing the Cloud Pros to become super humans. 

About the role

We have been able to help clients access the next generation of workers, getting significantly more results than they were able to reach before. The Cloud Pros' growth-mindset and full alignment with the companies' objectives already give them an edge. When we add to this equation the systems and technologies cloud humans has developed, the Pros are able to reach a next level productivity, maximizing the companies' results. 

This role is a key position to help even more clients get access to the Cloud Pros and the outstanding efficiency and productivity companies have never been able to attain before. You will need to deeply understand the customers' needs and bring to them a new type of technology of work that has not existed until now. 

You will also be a key player in shaping how our product, services and strategies will change over time. By being the bridge between cloud humans and important customers, you will actively help us understand the market and the needs that, when solved, will solidify cloud humans's market leadership. 

We're talking about someone that enjoys technology and innovation and loves bringing these to solve her customers' needs. You would need to have a flair for innovative solutions, have outstanding listening and problem discovery skills, and be an enthusiastic problem-solver. It's important to already have a deep understanding about the problems that companies face when building sales and operations teams and to understand deeply existing solutions for such problems.

What you will do

Navigate complex deals: you will navigate complex deals with mid-sized companies, mostly in technology. This includes understanding deeply their current situation and problems, mapping the internal stakeholders and closing deals from end-to-end

Generate interest: you will qualify inbound and outbound prospective customers and, once a fit is mapped, generate interest in our solution for them to continue a conversation and sign with us. You will also accompany the founders and the company's senior leadership in large customer meetings.

Be the voice of the customer: here, we pride ourselves on being close to the customers, listening to and learning from them. You will be close to the customers as well and will be responsible for bringing all you learn to the founders and the team. As an obsessed advocate of the customers' problems, you will shape our strategy, solution and technology 

The strengths you need to be successful
  • Outstanding communication skills, with a special ability to listen and understand and to communicate new ideas and solutions
  • Sales skills and techniques 
  • Discipline and organisation to create and maintain a sales pipeline and to keep the CRM organised
  • Hustle and resilience to follow-up with deals and internally
The experience we are looking for
  • 1 to 3 years of successful commercial experience, preferably in fast-paced environments 
What we value at cloud humans

Best ideas always win: we make sure the best Idea always wins, no matter where it comes from. We foster candidness. We believe in disagreeing but committing when necessary. This is not an excuse to be an asshole. We run towards and not away from difficult conversations and we're willing to challenge everything.

Customer problem obsession: we make sure we have deep knowledge of our clients problems and obsess over solving it. We ruthlessly prioritise. If it doesn't move us closer towards solving the problem, we won't do it. We do first the things that have the biggest impact.

Raise the bar high: we're comfortable making mistakes and doing things for the first time. We always set the bar aggressively high and don't settle for the mediocre. We're constantly moving towards a better version of ourselves.

Be an owner, not a renter: we think long term and don't sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. We act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just their own team. We never say, “That's not my job.” We believe in "Cloud Humans > Team > Me" and behave this way.

Good Humans: we always assume good intentions. We are always trying to learn, push ourselves and the others around us towards growth, towards their best, and we genuinely care about not hurting others. We want to make people's lives better. We embrace and incentivize individuality and diversity, understanding that we are stronger this way. We understand that this requires effort from us to make us stronger.

Bias to action: we believe that it is extreme execution that differentiate winners from losers, and we are winners. We believe "done is better than perfect". We don't use this, though, as an excuse to cut corners. Quite the opposite, we iterate fast, always building on top of the previous thing.

The benefits 
  • Competitive compensation 
  • Health and dental insurance plans 
  • Flexible vacation 
  • Remote friendly routine 
  • Possibility to earn stock options of one of the fastest growing startups in Latam 
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