Sr. DevOps Engineer

Sr. DevOps Engineer

At Transak

Date Posted: 21 March, 2021

Location: India, TELECOMMUTE


Over its 2 years of operations, Transak has faced and conquered challenging — albeit interesting — issues; problems ranging from finding a hard-to-debug memory leak to finding the optimal infrastructure to achieve massive scale. 

Transak's goal for 2021 is to scale its solution worldwide delivering excellent experience on a highly-reliable, highly-scalable, distributed, and fault-tolerant infrastructure. One of the most important — and often overlooked — first-steps is to setup infrastructure allowing high development velocity. 

In order for us to achieve this goal, we are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate infrastructure engineer to join this roller-coaster of a ride.


Job Responsibilities

As a DevOps engineer, your major driving force will be to create a more reliable Transak delivering great experiences to our users and partners worldwide. This may include making key decisions on the design of our infrastructure, defining steps to increase development velocity. 

We understand that these requirements are fairly cliché, so let's take an example of what a day would typically look like for you. You will be coordinating with our product engineering team to fix the long-regressed bug in our infrastructure causing AWS ELB requests to prematurely terminate. Or, you'll be tasked to find a better way to deliver our secrets (API keys, etc.) 

Apart from this, working with crypto — as one may imagine — comes with its own set of unique, non-conforming problems; for example, how do you create an isomorphic experience across all regions of the world while ensuring region-specific data-processing laws and decreasing duplicity of core product infrastructure?



Since the problems we face require a deep understanding of components and services, there are a select few requirements we have set for this role:

  • experience in managing infrastructure-as-code (Terraform preferred);
  • understanding of and experience with Ansible (or any other configuration management tool);
  • understanding of and experience with core AWS services (EC2, IAM, S3, CloudFront, RDS);
  • a keen eye for security of the service deployed or piece of infrastructure created.

If the problems we mentioned interest you, and you feel like you have what it takes to solve these issues at scale, we'd be delighted to connect with you.

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