(Senior) Software Engineer (Java/Kotlin)

(Senior) Software Engineer (Java/Kotlin)

At Zedge

Date Posted: 29 March, 2021

Location: Anywhere, TELECOMMUTE

Tech stack:

- Kotlin, Reactive programming, Spring, Kubernetes, Kafka, Maven, Gradle, Docker, MySQL, PostgreSQL

- Some Java 11/apache thrift legacy that we are moving away from.

- Productivity: Gitlab, Google Cloud, Grafana, Swagger, JIRA, Confluence, Slack



- Fluent in any JVM-based language (Kotlin experience is not required)

- Ability to write clean and testable code

- Knowledge of how to handle eventual consistency in an event-driven environment

- Proficiency in best practices and design patterns

- Experience in working with microservices architecture



- Working in the "Customer Experience Platform" team that is responsible for serving content to mobile apps, authentication, sending emails, marketing automation and whatever other APIs are needed for mobile apps

- Help product managers deliver MVP functionality in the most reasonable ways, given that we are serving over 33 million unique users every month

- Keep an eye on how we serve things to mobile clients and ensure the bill doesn't go wild - serving huge video/audio/image to that many users in a suboptimal way can lead to a huge impact

- Be proactive in introducing best and modern industry practices every day

- Writing software in Continuous Delivery way - so, all changes have to be fully covered by unit and integration tests


We offer:

- Humble, hungry, and smart colleagues that are always striving for the most reasonable solutions

- Very little technical debt - we write most of the software from scratch, constantly learning and using new technologies

- Ability to learn from other colleagues and apply your ideas on a large scale, distributed systems. And an ability to deploy your changes to Production in less than 15 minutes

- Startup culture - if you see that something is wrong, go ahead and fix it! No need to seek for multiple approvals

- Latest hardware and software - laptop with your favorite OS (Mac, Linux, Windows), IntelliJ, keyboard/mouse of your choice, etc.

- We are remote-first and we will continue to be - there is no need to go to the office but you can - you can choose what's best for you

- Perks: private health insurance; home office budget (whatever you need – noise-canceling headphones, gaming chair, and the like); learning budget (you can dedicate 10% of your working time to learning); mobile phone budget; free books. For folks who prefer working in the office, we offer a parking spot.

- Monthly compensation range EUR 2500-3500 net


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