VP of Marketing

VP of Marketing

At Tresta

Date Posted: 11 April, 2021


About Tresta

Since 1990, Tresta has been providing communication services to businesses throughout North America. Today, our service offerings help thousands of entrepreneurs and SMBs run their businesses from anywhere on any device, with app-based solutions for business calling, texting and call management. To learn more about our services, visit tresta.com.


About the Position

Tresta is looking for an experienced VP of Marketing to join our executive team. In this position, you'll report to the CEO and will play a leading role in a company that's poised for significant growth. While we're proud of what we've built so far, we've only begun to tap into the true opportunity in our market space, and in 2021 we'll be releasing the final components that will allow us to transition from a mobile calling and texting app that's ideally suited for the solopreneur, to a full service calling, texting and conferencing platform that's well suited for businesses with anywhere from 1 to 1,000 employees – with desktop phones or without, in the office or working from home.

This is a senior level position on a small team – so you'll need to have proven leadership and management skills but still be willing to dive in and be very hands on while we work to scale up. Despite the small team you'll be working with initially, we have strong expectations for the person that we hire, and to be successful, you'll need to be able to:

  1. Connect with our vision and take full ownership of the role you'll play in Tresta's success 
  2. Articulate what the market wants within our space, who our ideal customers are and why we are best suited to win their business 
  3. Develop 1-year and 3-year marketing plans with strong strategies for connecting with our target audience using an integrated approach 
  4. Forecast and meet/exceed aggressive quarterly sales targets while continuing to optimize CPA   
  5. Elevate our website and related brand assets from where they are today to a level that's on par with Stripe, HelpScout, Airbase, etc
  6. Drive significant gains in traffic through well-executed organic, paid, social, email and PR campaigns, as well as affiliate opportunities and partnerships 
  7. Generate high-quality conversions that yield long-lasting customer relationships and help us grow revenue at a rate of 2-3X per year 
  8. Expand your marketing team with strong hires



In more specific terms, you'll be expected to:

  •   Develop a strategic marketing plan that will help us achieve both our short and long-term goals
  •   Define, develop and enhance all value propositions, messaging and visual concepts used on our website and in email, social and ad campaigns
  •   Redesign our website and related marketing assets to take advantage of the new positioning that will be possible with the features we're releasing this year
  •       Develop compelling 10-90 second videos for use on our website and in new YouTube and social campaigns
  •       Create ad campaigns that tap into new market segments and optimize existing campaigns to accelerate momentum 
  •       Design automation flows to nurture leads down the funnel and implement a sales CRM to support look-alike and ABM campaigns
  •       Promote an environment of metrics-driven improvement in marketing effectiveness, methods, costs and results
  •       Oversee all content strategy with a heavy focus on organic search growth 
  •       Develop a thought leadership plan that supports our long-term positioning goals while helping us drive new business today
  •       Engage cost effective PR channels to begin establishing Tresta as a recognized leader in our space
  •       Seek out and develop partnerships and affiliate marketing relationships 
  •       Grow your team and facilitate professional development with strong mentorship



  •       At least 7 years of experience leading marketing programs at successful B2B companies with a heavy digital focus
  •       At least 2 years of experience marketing a SASS offering
  •       Strong proficiency in all advanced aspects of Google Analytics and Google Ads
  •       Experience working with and managing team sizes of 3-10 people
  •       Demonstrated success with most if not all of the responsibilities we outlined above



  •       Competitive salary + bonus structure
  •       Profit sharing program
  •       401K + match
  •       Great health, dental and vision plans
  •       Life, disability and supplemental insurance plans
  •       Generous PTO allowance
  •       Freedom to work remotely  
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