Factorial - Engineering Director

Factorial - Engineering Director

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Date Posted: 17 April, 2021

Location: Spain, TELECOMMUTE

Factorial is building the company's operating system. We help organizations automate human resources processes with a beautifully crafted product. While doing that, we expose the workflow data so organizations can make better decisions. Factorial has a unique and massive opportunity only getting more significant due to covid 19: companies have accelerated their digital transformation. The company is four years old, and we've recently raised 15M after reaching product-market-fit.

At Factorial, we have a team of 30 talented and kind engineers with a meager turnover rate. Ownership and accountability are at the core of our values. We will trust you and your team to make and execute decisions. The number #1 reason people leave companies is that they can't make an impact. We do whatever it takes to avoid that at Factorial.

Despite being a fast-growing startup, we promote a healthy work-life balance. We are a remote-first and family-friendly organization. We understand that work may not be your priority at all times, so we let you manage your own time and ambitions. We all have good and bad moments, and work shouldn't feel like a burden.

We have two open Engineering Director positions for the “Team management” and “Payroll and compliance” teams. Those are two of the most strategic teams with a big technical challenge since those domains have the highest variance across geographies. We want humans who can lead the team to make a business impact with technology.

Who are you?
  • You are friendly and prefer Socratic discussion over winning arguments.
  • You have led organizations and love managing humans.
  • You have hired and mentored people.
  • You have found creative/pragmatic solutions to business problems.
  • You have led technological decisions that had strategic outcomes.
  • You have extensive developer experience building web applications. Our stack is Rails, React, and AWS (if you have experience in those, you will onboard faster).
What are you going to do? (more or less in chronological order)
  • You will ship to production on the first day.
  • You will be addressing minor bugs and improvements to learn the product, codebase, and processes during the first two weeks.
  • You will attend the weekly engineering managers meeting to talk about the team, projects, and strategic initiatives. As you get more confident in the role, it is expected that you present challenges and opportunities to the other managers.
  • You will engage in recurring 1:1s with your team, focusing on personal growth and career development. Status updates are done within the team rituals.
  • You are going to participate in all the team rituals – kick-offs, retros, weekly planning –. You will attend as a spectator in the first weeks and fully engaged once you start feeling comfortable with the role.
  • You will join (or lead) conversations with stakeholders and customers to validate that we are building what the market needs.
  • You will hire or let go engineers if you think it will help your team reach their objectives.
  • You will keep coding, sometimes strategic initiatives, or just helping the team, depending on your bandwidth.
  • You will iterate on the quarterly OKR definition of the team until you find one you feel comfortable committing to one.
  • You will understand all the nuances of your domain and how the technology implements it, being able to mentor people on the team.



  • 65.000€ – 85.000€ Salary + equity
  • Flexible time off and schedule (within reasonable limits)
  • Medical insurance for Spanish employees
  • Budget for learning & development
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