Sales Leader

Sales Leader


Date Posted: 09 May, 2021



The role of the Home Services Prospect Engagement Manager, is to ensure the continued growth & success of our client's brands. As an integrated part of the marketing team, we ensure our clients build successful, profitable businesses.


The Role:

  1. Unit Leadership

We are in direct competition with other flooring companies, both local and national. Acting as an extension of our client’s team, PASS is responsible for introducing and selling the services of local franchisees, ensuring prospects are excited to meet with our representatives.

We do not know when people are going to be submitting forms and if we are late following up on them, these prospects will go to our competition. Your role is to ensure we have the appropriate staffing skillsets & capacity to ensure a profitable relationship between our client and its franchisees.

Duties will entail:

  • Ensuring unit productivity
  • Strategic planning & road mapping
  • Goal setting & execution

2. Client Ownership

The role involves deepening the relationships with our client’s counterparts. From strategic alignment to operational execution, you will continuously be working to improve our service offering and support Our Client’s development.

The more we can enable the growth of our client, the more we will grow. Ensuring we are profitably able to serve our customer and continually seeking new ways to add value, we intend to continue providing an outstanding experience to the shopper.

Duties will entail:

  • Weekly meeting with customer counterparts
  • Troubleshooting complaints
  • Ensure performance within client expectations
  • Timely response to client needs
  • Educating franchisees on our services


3. Team Development

Responsible for the overall quality and performance of the team, you will be spending significant time recruiting, training and developing people. Our success lies in getting the right people who are excited about our clients and investing in their commercial development.

Just as the franchisees we represent, we view every individual as their own business. What people do with the opportunities; we have no control over. However, we believe that with continued investment in time & support, we can enable the next generation to outdo us.

Duties will entail:

  • Reviewing calls
  • Motivating team
  • Scheduling / Staffing
  • Training
  • Quality assuranc


4. Product Development

We believe our current offering is in its infancy, and there are many other areas we can support both our corporate client and the individual franchisees. At the same time, we need to continue improving our existing machinery to stay ahead of the competition.

Working with our Development resources, you will need to help shape the upcoming product roadmaps and ensure they are successfully rolled-out. Ensuring prioritization of most valuable initiatives, you will directly be leading both our team and our client’s profitability.

Duties will entail:

  • Improving existing offering
  • Developing & validating new offerings
  • Leveraging and optimizing resources


5. New Client Development

Not in the immediate term, however we believe you would develop the capabilities to assist with bringing on other large clients that have similar needs to our existing client. Working with both of us, we are planning on taking on other corporate clients that will require major expansion of the team.

Duties will entail:

  • Assist in attracting new comparable clients
  • Assist in developing collateral materials
  • Attend new client development in-person events (infrequent, planned far in advance)

Onboarding – First 6 months success metrics:

  • Team average productivity increased from 2.0 bookings per hour to 2.5 bookings per hour
  • New hire productivity timeline shortened from 6 weeks to 3 weeks


  • Base salary - $40,000
  • Weekly Bonus – 50-150% of base depending on team performance
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