Community Manager

Community Manager

At Waybetter

Date Posted: 09 May, 2021


About this role:

Our WayBetter Game Community Managers are on the front line of delivering our mission of healthy habit change. As a Community Manager, you'll be a host for our WayBetter games and manage the active social feeds within those games. You'll post a mix of WayBetter content as well as your own to keep our Members engaged and on track to meet their goals.


What You'll Do:

  • Manage content and facilitate engagement within our games to help players achieve their goals
  • Work closely with Product and Marketing teams to report feedback on game and player experiences
  • Motivate, guide, and help our players navigate through their games and meet their wellness goals successfully


Your Experience Looks Like:

  • You love the idea of motivating people to live their best lives through healthy habit formation and by meeting their goals
  • You have experience writing persuasively (and can provide samples)
  • You're organized and team-oriented, with a refined customer service attitude
  • Formal education and/or certification in a related field of study (i.e. nutrition, psychology, coaching, personal training, sports medicine, education, etc) is preferred, but not required
  • Community management or customer experience is preferred, but not required


Company Stats:

Founded 2011

Headquarters New York, NY (all employees currently working remotely)

Employees 45



Company Overview:

Inspiration, meet motivation.

WayBetter is a marketplace that connects leading health & wellness coaches with people who want to build positive habits. The WayBetter app couples behavioral science with gamification to help members accomplish their goals around fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and someday a lot more. 

How are we different from other fitness and wellness apps? They focus on content. We focus on motivation. 

  • New Challenges Weekly — With a new variety of challenges starting every week, led by the world's best coaches, there's always something new to get started or stay on track.
  • Fun & Social — We make the hard work of changing habits fun through gamification along with a social feed where other members cheer you on.
  • Accountability — We let you bet on yourself. Get off the couch and complete the challenge and earn your bet back … plus a profit! If not, your money goes to more committed players. 

WayBetter makes money from members who get access to all our challenges and coaches. Coaches earn money by bringing in new members and by having existing members play in their challenges. We'll power up 300% in 2021 by expanding the volume and variety of challenges on our platform.

Building on the success of our first apps, DietBet and StepBet, we've helped 1 million people adopt new healthy habits and make long-term lifestyle changes. Along the way we've partnered with 300 influencer coaches who have collectively earned over $10 million. 

With the launch of our flagship WayBetter app in 2020, we're on a mission to build the world's first goal-sharing social network. 


Why Work at WayBetter?

We know from our games that fun and social support are the keys to sustainable success. As such we care deeply about our culture and practice what we preach by fostering a work environment that's fun, social, and rewarding. Half our 45 employees were hired from our customer base. 

We love working at WayBetter because we're enthusiastic about improving people's lives. We've developed an innovative solution to the hard problem of behavior change and we see the enormous potential to apply our formula to help millions of people improve their health and happiness. We recently codified our values which you can find on this page (click “explore our company values”).

We've raised $7.5M from fellow entrepreneurs and have grown responsibly (cashflow breakeven in 2020). We have chosen not to play the game of chasing venture capital for its own sake but we do plan to raise institutional capital in 2021 to supercharge our growth. We offer health insurance, a 401(k), remote-work flexibility, competitive cash comp, and meaningful equity participation.


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