(Senior) Backend Engineer

(Senior) Backend Engineer

At Authory

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Location: 4 hours overlap with UTC+1, TELECOMMUTE

As a Senior Backend Engineer you will be the link between our backend infrastructure and our customer serving frontend, enabling a fast and reliable user experience at Authory, a platform that thousands of writers, journalists and thought leaders around the world are using every single day.

We are a very small team with a focus on quality and excellence in turning the tremendous amount of data that is behind Authory into an accessible, beautiful and meaningful product. You will be responsible for small and large projects, and take them from planning to completion. You will be our first full-time hire for this position, with the option of leading our future backend engineering team.

We are a remote first company. We value your integrity, autonomy and willingness to learn and share as a team above everything else.

The way we work

You can work from anywhere you like. We have a small headquarter office in Hamburg (Germany) but our team is completely remote and works from Portugal, Austria and Germany currently. Your working hours are flexible.

The technologies and concepts you will work with
  • You will work on a fast and reliable REST API built using Node.js and PostgreSQL. The application is written in Typescript. We are using raw SQL in many places, but are considering to change that in the near future.
  • Our backend is hosted on AWS. The API is provisioned as a Docker container on an ECS cluster. We manage our infrastructure with Terraform to enable maximum reproducibility between staging and production environments.
  • A number of features are highly complex, and many endpoints aggregate lots of data. Consistency, accuracy and performance are among our highest priorities.
  • We pride ourselves in rigorous testing and quality assurance. Creating reliable work is more important to us than using fancy frameworks. The backend is covered by a large test suite, with third party dependencies mocked.
  • The entire backend is built to provide maximum performance at scale, enabling a lightning-fast experience for our customers.
The work to be done

Your work on the core of Authory is incredibly important to enable a smooth customer experience and future product growth. What you will do affects thousands of journalists, writers and bloggers who use Authory every single day.

  • You will have the opportunity to establish a holistic and robust architecture for our API layer and gradually transition to this new architecture.
  • You will implement new and powerful features to enable new use cases in an elegant, yet efficient manner. You will work together with the whole team to design holistic solutions for technical problems.
  • You will find solutions to scale our backend to thousands of customers by designing and implementing efficient database queries.
  • Optionally, you are welcome to check out some work on our AI-driven import pipeline if you are looking to expand your skillset in that area.
About you

First and foremost, you are self-motivated and self-directed. This implies that you take real ownership of your work and see it through from start to finish, understanding that you are responsible for tackling and clearing any obstacles in the way, with the help of the entire team of course. At Authory, true ownership means that you own the losses just as much as the wins, and both will naturally occur.

Beyond these fundamental qualities, you are:

  • Focussed on code quality and have the discipline to test your changes thoroughly.
  • Open to giving and receiving honest feedback.
  • Consider mistakes as an opportunity to learn and have a "growth mindset".
  • Ready to discuss possible solutions and different approaches to a problem.
  • Passionate about content creators, our customers. Either because you create content yourself or because you are passionately consuming it.

Additionally, you have:

  • 6+ years of experience developing and testing software.
  • 3+ years of experience developing Node.js-based APIs, preferably using TypeScript. A strong proficiency in designing and writing tests is a requirement.
  • 3+ years of experience working with SQL.
  • Experience with Terraform and AWS (ECS, VPC, S3, RDS, CodeBuild) is an advantage.
  • Remote work (you can work from anywhere since we are fully remote)
  • Flexible work hours
  • 25 days vacation per year
  • Generous compensation
  • Option to become leader of future backend engineering team
  • Truly meaningful work. You are honing a product that a truly important part of our society (writers and journalists) relies on every single day.

Even though this is a remote position, your regular working day must have an overlap of 4 hours or more with CET (UTC+1) from Monday to Friday.

The hiring process

We want to be very open about the way the hiring process works, so you know exactly what to expect.

Stage 1: Initial Application & Questions

You'll send us your basic info that we ask for in the application form. If we believe you could be a good fit, we'll schedule an initial call where we discuss your background in more detail.

Stage 2: Technical Interview

The purpose of this interview is to dive deeper into your technical skillset and understand the way you approach and solve problems. After the interview, you'll get a test project that will give us an idea of your approach to problem solving. This test project is meant to be completed in your own time and can take up to a few hours.

Stage 3: Technical Review

During this call we'll discuss your test project in detail.

Stage 4: Culture Interview

This call will take place with both founders. We'll discuss what your goals are, how they could be fulfilled at Authory and what our company culture is like.

Stage 5: Job Offer

After consulting a few of your references, we’ll make you an offer!

About Authory

Authory enables writers, journalists, bloggers and all kinds of thought leaders to take control of their content, build their own audience and advance their career — regardless of where they publish.

Founded in 2017, we are dedicated to helping writers (and in the future all kinds of content creators) to become more independent and succeed in the challenging environment of online media.

Our platform is used by 1,000s of writers every day, among them journalists for The New York Times, The Economist, TechCrunch, CNN and many more.

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