Tax Research Specialist

Tax Research Specialist

At ComplYant

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ComplYant is a startup committed to solving the business tax problem. Businesses are paying billions in tax penalties every single year for filing forms or making payments after they are due. We aid small business owners by using technology in taking charge of their tax requirements with deadline tracking, budgeting, and so much more. We are not a tax firm. We are a technology startup putting the power back in the hands of the business owner. We want to completely upend the status quo that says only the rich can benefit from great tax support. 

We segregate work into teams. This means you'll have a team leader to help guide your work to ensure we all stay on task and collectively continue to build something we all believe in. But what this also means is that you may be able to join other teams to learn and grow because we don't believe in siloed skills and teams. We are better as a whole if we all can contribute anywhere and everywhere our skill sets could be of value. 


What you get to do:

  • Research Business License protocols per Municipality, per State
  • Research and learn about numerous issues of federal and state tax law, regulations, and procedures
  • Populates and creates relevant content to ComplYant's website 
  • Analyze complex tax data, tax resources and various State and County websites
  • Simplify complex messaging, highlighting and summarizing key points from code of ordinances, documents and forms from individual clerk sites
  •  Communicate with various clerk's offices to obtain clarity or missing details
  • Review, scrub and correct sub-standard work created in ComplYant's website
  • Create and refer to appropriate script when communicates with Municipality, County or State officials
  • Analyze, review and determine the appropriate platform to house complex information and advise on simplification methods, verbiage and formatting for ComplYant specific site
  • Researching and uploading forms for BPP into ComplYant 
  • Additional adhoc projects as needed
  • Be ready to take on new and exciting roles and responsibilities as they arise!


Your background likely includes

  • A passion for research and determination to find a resolute while being flexible and creative of thought when seeking solutions
  • Tax experience, and familiarity with tax rules and issues
  • Well versed in Tax procedures, tax functionality, Excel, Google Sheets and researching through State, DOR, County and individual Municipality websites
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to explain and translate complex information with concision, clarity and simplify for non-experts
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including grammar, spelling and punctuation


Bonus Points

  • Ability to share your insights and best practices with your peers by discussing both common and complex tax issues to help ensure the accuracy and consistency of the team.
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, set priorities and see projects through to completion
  • Communicates affectively with others and through various channels 
  • Demonstrates flexibility under pressure, and the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to potentially competing priorities



  • that you interview as yourself, not who you want us to believe that you are.
  • that you actually understand what we are building and believe you can be an asset and not just someone looking for a paycheck.
  • that you have amazing time management skills, we are not a babysitting service.
  •  that you value and respect others differences, we will dismiss you quickly if you do not.


Why us?

ComplYant was built on three core beliefs – trust, transparency, and support. We value our team members as the amazing human beings that they are, and we do what we can to embody our core beliefs every workday. 

A few other things you should know: 

  • We believe in what we're building. Our team believes what we're building is going to help entrepreneurs thrive and make the lives of many small business owners much easier. We're really, truly excited to help. 
  • We are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Our team was built on these foundations, and we do whatever we can to support and lift up minorities, and to foster an environment of inclusiveness, equity, and diversity. These aren't just buzzwords to us, they are real life. 
  • We are people-first. We understand that you're a human being first, and a member of our team a little bit further down the list. Life happens, and we're here to support our team members however we can. 
  • We are remote-first. While we do have a homebase in Los Angeles, ComplYant is a 100% remote company and has been from the beginning. We believe people are happier and ultimately more productive when they can have their lives back, in their own space with the flexibility to be able to go to appointments, pick up their kids, or do a load of laundry.


Benefits & Perks

  • Unlimited PTO (guilt free)
  • Health Benefits (fully paid)
  • Home Office Equipment
  • Internal Promotions 
  • Cross Training
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Annual Work-cations
  • Team Building
  • And more…
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