DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

At Envoi

Date Posted: 27 May, 2021

Location: Canada Only, TELECOMMUTE

Think of the last time you ordered an item you really wanted from Amazon or any other online retailer. You've researched it, read the reviews and are excited to have it and ready to hold it in your hands. Once you click the “place order” button, you're in our world.

Envoi is a growth stage startup solving the most expensive problem in supply chain logistics: the last mile. We obsess over everything that happens between the moment a user clicks the “place order” button and the moment the item arrives in their home, solving one problem after another to get it there in the most user friendly and efficient way possible. Then we do it all over again in reverse: making the process of returns and exchanges as seamless and convenient as possible for both consumers and retailers. 


How do we do it?

We are a technology company and have built and shipped several products from the ground up including a native mobile and a backup web app for the drivers, a sorting app for our warehouse staff, a retailer console for our clients, and an admin and end customer notifications console. We are always thinking of new and better ways to do things.

With a combination of route optimization technologies, a crowdsourced network of delivery drivers and some operations and business savvy, we have been able to provide same-day delivery at a price that is lower than standard shipping, win big accounts and are presently delivering over 50,000 packages every month.

We are different from Instacart, SkipTheDishes, or UberEats. The optimization algorithms used to sort and route thousands of packages means the drivers are picking upto ~50 packages each from a pickup location and delivering those packages following the most efficient route.


Why are we hiring?

With demand for predictable and fast shipping soaring - aided in no small measure by the COVID climate in the past year - we find ourselves in need of an experienced DevOps engineer who can not just think about the next generation of our technology platform that's going to be capable of handling much bigger scale than it does currently, but also make it more robust from a data privacy and security perspective that will make us compliant with the standards that enterprise retailers have come to expect of their service providers. 


Why join our team?

We are a lean, ambitious and scrappy team working on solving a very complex problem with a huge upside and you will play a key part in how successful we are as a company. You will be responsible for the scalability and stability of a product that brings joy to hundreds of thousands of people, and you will be working with a product team of dedicated engineers and designers who not only obsess over the quality of their output, but never lose sight of the larger picture of why what they are doing is important. 

When we say lean and scrappy, we mean lean and scrappy. We hired our first employee in Jan 2018. Until then, for more than a year, our core team consisted of three founders who built the company from nothing to half a mil in revenue. We have a very competitive product  - we don't own any warehouses, we don't own any delivery vehicles, and work with some of the most dedicated warehouse sorters and drivers you will ever meet.

Most importantly, we are a team that always strives for excellence, believes in doing meaningful work and treating everyone with empathy and respect. If you are looking for a place where you find tangible meaning in the work you do every day, and care about making an impact on thousands of lives, Envoi is where your search ends.


What will you be doing?

Envoi is looking for an individual who is passionate about building automation and operating infrastructure that can support a rapidly growing system, while ensuring we meet enterprise SLAs for security, reliability and scalability.  

You will be expected to work with - and answer to - the Product and Engineering Lead


Who are we looking for?

Someone who has had experience in the following:

  • Operated infrastructure in a multi-cloud (AWS, GCP) environment
  • Secured all aspects of production infrastructure preferably in an environment requiring compliance with industry standards such as SOC-2 and / or NIST
  • Built deployment pipelines to deploy to Kubernetes, serverless, and VM environments using tools such as GitHub, CodeBuild / CircleCI / Jenkins, and Terraform
  • Obsessed with automating builds, testing, deployments, monitoring, and configuration
  • Comfortable programming in preferred language (Python, bash, Go, Java, TypeScript)
  • Great communication skills, excited to understand product and business needs
  • Can determine the right solution for the situation, from MVP products to large scale distributed systems


What does our tech stack look like?

  • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP
  • CI / CD: GitHub, Docker, CodeBuild
  • Database / Cache: PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Languages: TypeScript, Java, Python
  • Back-end: Node.js, OSRM
  • Front-end: React
  • Mobile: React Native


Interview process

1. Video/phone call with recruiter (make sure this a good fit for both you and us)

2. Video call or in-person meeting with the founders

3. Video call with the Product Manager

4. Offer stage / due diligence, including reference checks    

5. Decision 


Your experience as a candidate is important to us

Please note that due to the typically high volume of inbound applicants, we might not be able to respond with timely and relevant feedback to each and every applicant.

If you are selected for an interview, we will:

  • Do our best to provide you with timely and relevant information throughout the hiring process.
  • Be as transparent and honest as we can be in sharing feedback.
  • Do our best to create a safe and comfortable environment where you can be who you really are, because that's who we want to get to know.
  • Do everything possible to ensure that you walk away from the interview process feeling like you haven't wasted your time and know where you stand.
  • Be human and probably make some mistakes - please let us know If we are failing on any of the above. We'd be a poor startup if we aren't open to feedback.


COVID-19 considerations

We're operating a remote-first work environment during and after COVID-19 with optional in-office work. If possible and safe, a portion of the onboarding process may involve an on-site visit to the Envoi warehouse. 



  • $100-$120k annual salary
  • Stock options
  • Comprehensive health and dental benefits
  • Access to an ever-growing library of resources (books, courses, podcasts, subscriptions, etc) for self-improvement
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