Games Monetization Specialist

Games Monetization Specialist

At Motion Miracles

Date Posted: 03 June, 2021

Location: Sri Lanka, TELECOMMUTE

We are looking for a Games Monetization Specialist to join our remote games development team! As a monetization specialist, you will experience creating key monetization avenues and provide the best solutions for our hypercasual games.

You will definitely need to learn how to use using both technical and creative skills to promote, test, and analyze our game metrics. You will also dive deeply into publishing and marketing processes, which will boost the engagement of our followers and in consequence game downloads!

The ideal candidate will have a good eye for details, be open to learn how to create ads and integrate platforms. We would love to work with a candidate who is able to deal with the pressure of deadline-driven deliveries and motivated to continually improve. This is an ideal opportunity to learn and gain experience and work up to publisher and marketer role inside a rapidly growing hypercasual games business within a team of proven industry experts, publishers, developers, and artists.


You'll be successful if you:

  • Have a proven experience in working with game apps, monetization, marketing
  • Knowledge of the mobile game market, trends, competition, platforms, and app stores.
  • Desire to learn about ad-based monetization and improve our efforts in hypercasual as well.
  • Have a background in software engineering, Unity, HTML, video editors.
  • Strong communication skills - Fluent in English
  • Ability and equipment to work remotely
  • Ability to work creatively knowing the newest marketing trends
  • Absolute passion for playing and making mobile games.
  • Coding/ prototyping skills would be a plus


Example Responsibilities:

Your main challenge will be testing, marketing, and monetizing hypercasual games

  • Designing monetization strategies for existing and upcoming games with a focus on User Acquisition and Monetisation
  • Ideate Ads and create them using Unity, Canva, Blender, Video editor, etc.
  • Communication necessity of evolving and adapting game designs based on playtesting, feedback, and live metrics.
  • Working with analytic data, driving long-term player engagement by understanding mobile players' needs and motivations.
  • Being able to connect apps to various platforms (including SDK integration)
  • Analyzing and checking monetization trends and social media trends
  • Report and adhere to timelines set by the studio's product leads
  • Collaborate with developers, testers, and publishers
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