Customer Support Expert

Customer Support Expert

At Selar

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Location: Nigeria, TELECOMMUTE

Company Description - All-in-one ecommerce store builder for digital products and services. 

Selar's at the forefront of the creator economy of Africa. We're building tools to enable creators in Africa sell any kind of digital product or service seamlessly. In 5 minutes, you can create an online store to sell any kind of digital product, service or subscription with Selar. 

We've grown to over 8,000 creators, and in the last 12 months, have paid almost $1,000,000 to creators all over the world. We're just at our infancy, and growing very fast. We're looking to build a team of super stars that will drive our next phase of growth. 

Job Description

At Selar, we believe good customer support starts with the product. So if there are less product issues, there'll be lesser work for you to do with customer support. 

Our customer support channels today are:

  • Email - Freshdesk (low traffic) 
  • Live chat - Freshchat 
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook DM (very low traffic)
  • Twitter DM (very low traffic) 

Our typical customer support tickets are enquiries about the product, users asking for help about how to achieve something, and merchant customers asking for help when something goes wrong. 

Our product team works very hard to support you to ensure repeat issues don't happen, and you do less work. 

To be successful at this role, you need to Know Selar's product indepthly - this is the most important thing to us -  you also need to be committed, creative and innovative with the way you respond to customers. Grammar, tone, and clarity is very key in how we communicate to both merchants and customers. 

Working hours are: 

- 9AM - 7PM - Monday  - Saturday,

We mean it when we say, there are not that many tickets/messages so you won't be stressed all day. 

We're a very flexible and considerate team, you'll love working with us.

Salary range: ₦ 30,000  - ₦ 40,000 per month - negotiable, with room for increment as you performance increases.

Stock options available for teammates that stay up to 1 year. 


- Great grammar and punctuation 

- Self starter 

- Very creative and thoughtful 

- Kind and not rude

- Empathic 

- Multitasker and can stay ontop of things

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