Marketing Account Manager

Marketing Account Manager

At Roof Engine

Date Posted: 01 June, 2021


Marketing Account Manager Needed — looking to hire immediately!

The position is WFH, Part-Time and Flexible ($2,400 per month, with the opportunity to grow).


We are a digital marketing company for commercial roofers. Our growing team is 100% virtual and based worldwide.

We are looking for a peppy, go-getter personality who knows how to handle people, is competent with technology, and who is detail-oriented.

About the Marketing Account Manager position: 

This position involves the onboarding of new customers; working with customers on an ongoing basis as their primary point of contact; sending scheduled updates to all clients on the progress of their campaigns and creating and maintaining retention and referral programs to retain existing clients.

Marketing Account Manager responsibilities are:
  • Client Onboarding: Responsible for taking over client onboarding once the sales team has closed the sale and has filled out any required onboarding documents.

  • Client Support: Once introduced as the primary point of contact, will be responsible for answering all client questions and addressing any concerns in an efficient, retention based manner

  • Client Retention: Create and maintain a calendar of ‘special events' for each client (birthdays, client start date, anniversaries, first 100 leads, benchmarks and goals etc.), and facilitate ways to recognize these dates, such as sending cards, brownies, emails or a simple phone call. We want clients to feel like we're an integral part of their business and to know that we're always thinking of them and have their goals in mind.

  • Monthly Reporting: Send timely and consistent reports to clients highlighting positive aspects of the campaigns we're running. All reports should be sent on the same schedule, and in the same format - branded to the company and reports should be used as a retention and/or sales tool where appropriate.

  • Look For Additional Sales Opportunities With Current Clients: Must be able to see opportunities for additional services that will help the client grow their business, and should communicate these opportunities to the sales team (when applicable), as reports are prepared.

  • Develop and Maintain a Client Retention Strategy: Work with business owners to continue refining and improving existing Client Retention Strategy. This will mean bringing new ideas to the table at monthly meetings and having a plan to deploy new strategies and a way to track the results of those efforts.

  • Develop and Maintain a Client Referral System: Work with business owners to continue refining and improving existing Client Referral Systems. This will mean bringing new ideas to the table at monthly meetings and having a plan to deploy new strategies and a way to track the results of those efforts.

  • Research

  • : Always be on the lookout for ways to improve our services and process. Also for ways to reach more clients, and to maintain or upsell existing clients in ways that help them to achieve their goals even faster.

Results (Expected Accomplishments): 
  • Onboard new clients with our pre-launch presentation
  • Set client expectations with clear communication
  • Provide timely responses to client inquiries
  • Provide detailed and insightful feedback on results from monthly marketing initiatives for clients. Be able to focus on the positive aspects of their results, and frame all efforts in a positive light. Should recognize benchmarks, and look for opportunities to increase our clients perceived value for the service we provide.
  • Track and report on client results during weekly meetings - highlighting which clients need attention and which ones are doing amazingly well (so we can reach out and leverage these results for retention and referral opportunities).
  • Maintain and improve our existing systems for streamlining customer onboarding, support, retention, and referral programs.
Marketing Account Manager requirements (Expected Proficiencies):
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of our services

  • Must understand our sales process and keep deliverables in alignment with client's expectations (what we promised them)

  • Data analysis and providing insights for improvement

  • Strict attention to detail and cross-checking data

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to relay ideas clearly

  • Must be friendly and able to clearly communicate with clients by phone and email

  • Ability to manage multiple projects consecutively

  • Ability to problem solve and provide effective solutions to issues as they arise


The work schedule is flexible and based on the needs of clients. The only requirement for time is our daily team meeting at 10 am EST.

  • Compensation for this role will be $2,400 a month part-time
  • Compensation will be provided on a bi-weekly basis via PayPal


About Us:

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for commercial roofers.

We have been around for 4 years and are in growth mode. All of our team members are remote/flexible with schedules

To apply, please send a resume and short cover letter on why you would be a good fit for this position.

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