Creative Marketing Animator

Creative Marketing Animator


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Location: Anywhere, TELECOMMUTE


We compete in the dynamic mobile / social games market in the Asia Pacific with a suite of casino and gambling style games that follow the ‘social' or ‘freemium' model. Our games model is ‘play for fun' only, and legal in all of the market jurisdictions that we operate in.

The Orion division is a 100% distributed team of Playstudios, there are no physical offices, our team members are scattered across the globe - we work from the comfort of our home! To us, happiness is the result of being able to embrace flexible hours, and working on tasks that are meaningful. We don't think that a great job should require you to uproot your life and your family, or that a life event should force you out of a great job. We want to work with great people no matter where your life takes you.

  • No need to feel stressed over commute.
  • Smart people like you don't need to be told what to do. The team culture is focused on getting you A.M.P-ed UP!
    • Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
  • We value talents that can form a P.A.C.T with the team.
    • Proactive, Assertive, Communicative & Transparent
  • Hours are flexible, but we require 2-4 hours of overlap for communication. We operate in GMT+8 Hong Kong

Playstudios Orion is looking for a talented Creative Marketing Animator. You will be creating a wide variety of animation videos involving a number of stages. You will be responsible for creating visually attractive marketing animations on Facebook, Instagram, and other ads channels. 

Marketing Animator Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high-quality work.
  • Using the provided assets and creating social post animations on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Creating game trailers for our new titles.
  • Be punctual regarding your working hours.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with Production Management.
  • Collaborate with fellow animators and cross-discipline artists.
  • Take direction and properly plan out assigned tasks.
  • Accept the criticism and constructive feedback and understand it as a way to become better.
  • Learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.
  • Behave politely and have respect for other team members. We are not a group of individuals, we are a TEAM.

Marketing Animator Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in Adobe After Effects- sequence transitions, motion, VFX. (+knowledge in Adobe Photoshop)
  • A strong feeling of rhythm and timing.
  • Fluent English language speaking/writing/reading.
  • Work with a team in a remote environment.
  • Experience in any other software like Unity, Esoteric Spine, Autodesk Maya is a plus


  • Interested applicants, please send your application daniel and  xennia with the tag [Creative Marketing Animator] and (your name)
  • The tag is important! Example: [Creative Marketing Animator] John Doe
  • Please include your portfolio link(s) and a short intro about yourself and your experiences. No need for lengthy cover letters.
  • During the interview process, there will be a paid art test.
  • We highly appreciate your interest in the position, but due to the volume of submissions, we will reach out to those selected for the interview process. Thank you.




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