Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

At CASM Limitlessli

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Location: Anywhere, TELECOMMUTE


1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in the same field

2. With Medical Assistant Certification or equivalent

3. Bilingual communication skills (fluent speaker of English and Russian language)



• Remotely providing basic patient coaching and care to improve patient outcomes.

• Coaching and educating patients on improving their Chronic Conditions, preventive care, and physician directives

• Updating and managing patient care plans based on an assessment of patient's needs and physician directives

• Schedule appointment scheduling on behalf of physicians

• Telephone outreach to English and Russian-speaking patients

• Facilitate CCM program enrollment

• Facilitate RPM- remote patient monitoring enrollment

• Monitor patients outcomes

• Clear explanation of the benefits of chronic care management

• Patient eligibility verification

• Concise and accurate documentation

• Cultivate and support the primary care providers with timely communication, inquiry follow-up, and integration of information into the care plan regarding transitions-in-care and referral

•Serve as the contact point, advocate, and information resource for patients and their care team.

•Work with patients to plan and monitor health and social needs

•Develop a care plan with the patient, family/caregiver(s), and provider

•Monitor adherence to care plans, evaluate effectiveness, monitor patient progress in a timely manner, and facilitate changes as needed

•Create an ongoing process for patients and family/caregiver(s) to determine and request the level of care coordinates support they desire at any given point in time

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