Product Manager - DUX Core Unit (Development & User Experience)

Product Manager - DUX Core Unit (Development & User Experience)

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The DUX Core Unit (Development & User Experience) at MakerDAO is looking for a product manager to join our team and help us build UIs focused on governance for MakerDAO.

The DUX Core Unit is one of the teams helping MakerDAO. We focus on front-end development and UX/design. Our goal is to improve the UX for MakerDAO governance. Our current focus is developing and maintaining the governance portal and related tools and libraries (i.e. dai.js).

Our first milestone is to introduce vote delegation into the governance portal. After this we will explore new needed features by gathering feedback and information from the community, governance and other members of the DAO.

The team wants to be autonomous, have co-ownership of the product and create a lasting value on governance.  We’re looking for a PM that will help the team achieve its goals and to empower the contributors and individuals behind the project

You'll be working on
  • Helping the team maintaining the backlog (public and private)
  • Facilitate meetings between stakeholders and the DUX team
  • Help the team be self organized and autonomous
  • Help identify new features and prioritize them in alignment with the team
  • Communicate with the Maker community, gather feedback about MIPs and discussions, keeping the team organized and on track
  • Facilitate meetings and organize dynamics to help the team move forward
  • Create transparency between the team and other CUs about our work
Ideally you should bring
  • 3+ years as product manager using agile methodologies
  • Technical background (experience in software development)
  • Strong communication, ability to coordinate with people outside the team (i.e. protocol engineering team)
  • Deep analytical, prioritization and problem solving skills
  • Works well in autonomous, self-guided work environments
And you'll stand out if
  • Collaborative at heart, friendly and have the ability to empower your colleagues
  • Interest in covering topics around Web3, Decentralization and DAOs
  • Support consensus driven approaches and are interested in Decentralized Governance
  • Have a good acumen when it comes to finance, more specifically DeFi
What’s in it for you
  • Be part of an ecosystem that encourages transparency and alignment with open source methodologies and principles
  • Contribute to high-impact projects that address some of the core needs of a decentralized protocol
  • Work within a remote and highly collaborative team consisting of diverse experts
  • Full-time permanent team member of the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling core unit
  • Competitive compensation that consists of fixed monthly income plus MKR incentive plan vested over a 3-year period
The DUX Core Unit vision focuses on the five core DAO Principles

Driving Dai Adoption – The inclusion of diverse and desirable collateral types in the Maker Protocol increases the supply, attractiveness, market usage, and ultimately, the demand for the Dai stablecoin.

Scientific Governance – The diversity of the collateral assets of the Maker protocol reduce the portfolio’s risk inherent in relying heavily on a single collateral type. The natural byproduct of diversity helps maintain the stability of Dai.

Gradual Decentralization – By deploying MakerDAO capital to build, scale, we normalize the process and costs associated with onboarding collateral.

Serving The Underserved – Support the financially underserved through the use of Dai as a predictable and stable unit of account. As we term it, “to be the world’s unbiased currency”. Sensitivities to localized collateral help with inclusion and access to the global financial ecosystem.

Sustainable Finance – The makeup of the Dai collateral portfolio has a significant impact on global capital allocation. It is therefore crucial that governance of the collateral portfolio take long-term societal, environmental, and sustainability impact into account.

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