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Data Scientist

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Data Scientist

About the Role

TravelNest is built on data and our data team's vision is to ensure TravelNest has data at its core, that our people are fully data literate and every decision we make is fully informed by data.

In this context we aim to:

  • Build and maintain a great dataset and the tools to facilitate its use
  • Create a culture that appreciates, uses and prioritises data
  • Build great data products in collaboration with the wider business 

We're a small data team who work closely with product engineering, marketing, and customer experience teams on a wide range of data work. We do everything from building data pipelines and defining and creating datasets, to building reports and dashboards, to more advanced data science and analytics.

We're looking for someone to join the team who is excited by this broad range of challenges and the opportunity to work on problems right across the business and across the full breadth of data related projects.

Our current analytics stack is fully cloud-based in AWS. We have a data lake in S3 populated via AWS Lambdas and Stitch. Our ETL jobs are scheduled and run in Apache Airflow and our datasets are stored as parquet files in S3 and served via AWS Athena.

We do analysis using Python and R, with version control in Git. Our main dashboarding and reporting tools used by the whole business are Looker and Google Data Studio however, we are not constrained by these tools. There's flexibility to choose the right tool for the job if that will deliver the outcomes we need.

What you'll do

You'll deliver insights and contribute data-driven parts of the product right across TravelNest so we can improve the product and all make better decisions on a daily basis.

What does that mean in practice? In any given week you could be:

  • Working with teams across the business to build insights and improve the product with data. A few examples are; predicting property occupancy rates, segmenting our customer base to improve performance and give marketing teams the insights to improve our customer acquisition efforts and, helping to optimise our operational teams dealing with guest bookings and customer enquiries.
  • Working with teams across the business to develop the datasets and reporting tools they need to do their jobs and make better decisions.
  • Improving the data literacy of everyone in the business - giving them the tools they need to self-serve their own data to analyse the results.
  • Building and maintaining the datasets that power our insights, models and products.
  • Ensuring data cleanliness and quality in all of our datasets. This will include writing tests, documentation and maintaining automated alerting to ensure we catch data issues fast.

About us

TravelNest is a vacation rentals technology business. We have created a platform that enables holiday let owners to set up, manage and optimise all of their marketing from one place. We aim to become the world's most host centric company, empowering hosts to realise their ambitions by unlocking the potential of accommodation, everywhere.

By joining us you will be working on a product that has the potential to really transform booking gains for our customers. We have an ambitious goal of winning the global market and we believe that our team can build a product our customers love and use, time and time again. 

What we're looking for

Someone with excellent analytical skills. You perform high quality exploratory analysis, know your way around multiple modeling techniques and you know which analytical tools to apply to each problem you're working on. You have experience with feature engineering, data enrichment and building models using both numerical and categorical data.

Strong coding skills. We use SQL and Python extensively for analytical work and Git to version control all of our analytical projects and data pipeline code. We also use R from time to time when it makes sense.

Someone who can work effectively with teams across the board from engineering staff to less technical teams to understand their requirements and translate these needs into high-quality analysis and data products that help people make better decisions. You can take a complex, fuzzy problem and distill it down to a set of concise, meaningful insights that pass the 'so what?' test, presenting the data so that every stakeholder gets it.

Experience with cloud technologies and analytics infrastructure - we use AWS for all of our data work including running Airflow on EC2, S3 for data storage and AWS Glue/Athena for data warehousing. We also use tools such as Jupyter Notebooks, Git, Looker and Google Data Studio to analyse and visualise our work.

You prioritise your focus based on impact, and own projects from start to finish. We value a growth mindset, innate curiosity and a desire to learn over years of experience.

In Return

We offer a competitive salary, stock options, a great working environment and the opportunity to grow our product and business together. Our team are currently working remotely due to the Covid 19 pandemic and are open to remote candidates.

We are only just getting started and believe there is a better way for our customers.


Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.

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