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ConvertKit is delightful email marketing software built for creators. We help creators own their audience and turn fans into customers. For makers, authors, chefs, musicians, athletes, and anyone else making a living by creating the culture we all love, there isn’t a better tool for reaching inboxes. More importantly, there isn’t a team more committed to helping creators earn a living doing work that matters.

We’re on a mission to help creators earn $1B using our SaaS email marketing platform. We are 100% independent, 100% remote and are growing rapidly.

We are proud to have built a product that our customers love, and we’re looking for people who have enthusiasm and belief in our mission, vision, and values to join our team.


The Role

We're hiring an experienced engineer for our Automations Squad. One of six squads in our Engineering organization, Automations builds the tools that allow creators to manage and automate the growth of their audiences; the squad also manages our API and integrations with other applications. The team is currently staffed with three terrific humans: one of our longest-tenured engineers, one of our newest engineers, and a manager with deep technical expertise and a fast-growing toolkit of management chops. We’re looking for a senior Ruby/Rails engineer to round out the squad.

ConvertKit Engineering is transitioning from a group of individuals who build the app to a more focused department that can serve our customers at scale. At the same time, we’re still small (about 25 engineers). For an experienced individual contributor who likes to influence engineering culture and wants to work in a low-politics environment where we live our values, this is a great time to join. (Conversely, if you love continual reorgs, want to be handed feature specs with no opportunity to shape the projects, and like working on projects with distant deadlines and endlessly growing scope, we are not a good fit for you.)

This role is remote - US and EMEA time zones preferred. To learn more about how our engineering team works, peruse our engineering blog. Our post on working at ConvertKit as an engineer answers many of our FAQs and is mostly up to date.

Our Team Culture
  • We work to foster close and effective relationships within the team. That means you actively listen to teammates, participate in conversations with candor, and use disagreements to make productive decisions
  • We’re accountable for the work we commit to. That means you proactively communicate blockers, hold yourself accountable to timeframes, and balance your work with unblocking others via code reviews, pair sessions, etc.
  • We avoid death marches by setting deadlines, limiting scope, and reassessing reality as we go. That means you pay attention to what you’re learning - about our code base, our systems, and our customer - discuss new insights with teammates regularly, and course correct as needed



The Right Person Has
  • Expertise in architecting end-to-end features, and - critically - an ability to understand various solutions and communicate clearly about likely benefits and tradeoffs
  • Strong experience writing code that is accessible, scalable, maintainable, and performant
  • A keen interest in working closely with Product and Engineering managers on prioritization. That includes analyzing risks and dependencies for proposed features, and providing insight into scope we can cut while still meeting business goals
  • A commitment to mentoring and teaching other engineers formally and informally
  • Experience with our stack (React and Ruby/Rails)
  • Comfort working remotely in an autonomous and somewhat async environment
  • Belief in our mission, vision, and values
  • Experience with high volume background job processing with an eye toward scalability and performance is a plus


  • ConvertKit has standardized salaries based on position, no matter where you live. We have five engineering levels. For this role, we’re hiring at a level 3 ($130,000) or a level 4 ($155,000). Level is based upon your experience, our interview process, and our engineering matrix.
Other Benefits Include
  • 3 weeks paid vacation, increasing to 4 weeks paid vacation after 1 year of employment
  • $1,000 yearly vacation bonus for taking 5 consecutive days of vacation
  • 10 paid holidays
  • 2 weeks of sick leave per year, including mental health days
  • Up to 6 weeks paid bereavement leave, medical leave, and natural disaster leave after 6 months of employment, 2 weeks for each paid leave in your first 6 months
  • Excellent medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave for primary caregivers, 10 weeks paid parental leave for secondary caregivers, with flexible scheduling in your child’s first year
  • Profit sharing
  • $3,200 equipment allowance for your first two years, $2,500 budget every following two years for U.S.-based team members
  • 401k with a 4% match
  • Personal learning and development budget
  • Yearly conference credit
  • Fantastic twice a year team retreats, virtual or in-person depending on the circumstances
How To Apply

Applications will close on 6/9/2021. We usually receive a large number of applications, and hope to get through them within two weeks of the close date. You’ll hear from us either way during that time frame.

We know that most people hate interviewing (we relate!). We aim to make it as good an experience as we can, and part of that includes keeping you informed during the process. Here’s what the full set of steps looks like:

  • Written application
  • A phone screen with someone on the hiring team
  • A short, 2-hour back-end coding and writing assignment
  • A technical interview to discuss the homework assignment and your technical knowledge
  • A culture contribution interview

To get started, complete this application, including answers to the questions on the next page. We read every single application, and your responses to our application questions help put your experience into context.

ConvertKit is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity in all of its forms, and we hire the best person we can for each role, no matter your personal background. Research tells us that applicants who are female or non-binary, as well as applicants who are people of color, are less likely to apply for roles they do not feel 100% qualified for. If you think you meet more than 50% of our requirements but fewer than 100% of them, please apply. We’re imperfect communicators, so think of our job postings as the starting point for discussion rather than proof that you shouldn’t apply.

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