Full Stack Developer at Health Startup (Elixir / Ruby)

Full Stack Developer at Health Startup (Elixir / Ruby)

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Cologne, Germany, Remote

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Technology Stack


Our offer

At BetterDoc, you will work to deliver value, not to fulfil a spec. We value curiosity, the will to learn and the drive to deliver great software. We look for people that want to see their influence on what was created and who are proud of their craft.

As a Developer at BetterDoc, you will be part of small project teams. These cross-functional teams delivering value in focused, self-managed projects.

In every project team we have people working remotely, making written communication very important. You should be able to express proposals and decisions, as well as task descriptions in written form. The team language is English, being able to communicate in German is a plus.

At BetterDoc, a developer should

  • write code in a sustainable way;
  • understand and follow architectural guidelines;
  • be proficient in one or more programming language;
  • be able to learn a new language;
  • work with subject matter experts for specific questions;
  • review pull request of other team members;
  • be able to work within all steps of the development process; and
  • help juniors and help improve their coding skills.

🎄Seasons greetings🎄- You will hear from us beginning January 2021.

How to apply

To apply, click the link below or send us an email with your story and the salary you want. CVs, and also links to your LinkedIn and Github profile.

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