Lead Software Engineer (Serverless)

At Joust

+/- 5hrs from GMT+10

Joust is a growing Australian Fintech platform and consumer hero brand. Joust is a simple, fast and effective home loan marketplace. It allows consumers to pitch mortgage lenders against each other to achieve the best rate for their home finance needs and puts the power of the transaction back in the hands of the borrower.

Having recently raised capital, the business is now in a position to scale rapidly, and it requires a Technical Lead to drive the continuous improvement of platforms and oversee delivery of all engineering and platform related initiatives.

What you'll do

This is a business function lead, reporting into the Chief Technology Officer.

The Tech Lead is directly responsible for overseeing programming initiatives and technology platforms and helping to drive effective growth for Joust.

You are passionate about Serverless, Event-Driven Architecture and Domain-Driven Design and can help us grow with your deep and proven knowledge in these areas.

You will be responsible for taking key features from concept to shipping with a team of developers using their deep expertise and understanding of a range of programming environments. You and the team are expected to own initiatives from design to deployment and support, and to do so with planning awareness.

You will work proactively with the product team and broader business to understand business strategies and requirements and will be able to deliver on those goals. You will negotiate trade-offs and alternative options based on planning and existing code bases constraints.

The Tech Lead will build a strategy to create and maintain quality in their area of ownership. You will be responsible for providing feedback and maintaining QA on the work of senior developers and helping the team members develop their knowledge of new technologies.

You will ensure the scalability, and sustainability, of technology and programming frameworks for the business strategy and growth plans.

You will identify the technical requirements to achieve business goals, and ensure the business has the right programming capabilities and technology frameworks to achieve those goals. You will then be expected to manage and direct those capabilities in a cost-effective manner that drives a culture of continuous improvement and effective innovation across the technology platforms of the business.

The Tech Lead will also be required to participate and contribute to the team's life, attend learning events and propose topics of interest.

This is a remote position and you can work from anywhere as long as you have a minimum 4 hrs overlap with Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST / UTC+10) per day.

About you
  • At least 7 years of demonstrated ability being a professional programmer in several technical disciplines with deep knowledge of multiple technologies and proficiency in at least one area, within Ruby, Javascript/Typescript/Node.js, Go, Java, Kotlin.
  • The ability to take key features from concept to shipping with a team of developers. Plus the ability to own initiatives from design to deployment and support, with planning awareness.
  • Ability to mentor and train other developers on the team as well as provide feedback on their work.
  • The ability to suggest and proactively apply corrective actions on existing code bases.
  • Experience with Event-Driven architectures.
  • Experience with Serverless technology and AWS SAM, AWS CDK or Serverless Framework.
  • Experience with Object-Oriented programming.
  • Experience with GraphQL.
  • Extensive experience with Amazon Web Services (Cloudformation, Lambda, Appsync, Eventbridge, DynamoDB, etc).
  • Extensive experience building CI/CD pipelines.
  • Sound knowledge of Event Sourcing & CQRS.
  • Experience with remote teams and async communication.
  • The ability to understand how their work delivers to broader business strategy, and an eagerness to seek clarification from product and business managers so as to negotiate trade-offs and alternative options based on existing code-based constraints.
  • The ability to build a strategy to maintain quality in all engineering and delivery practices.
  • The ability to build an end-to-end approach to address sophisticated features and, over time, develop a technology roadmap that delivers to the strategic priorities of the business.
  • Good communication skills and eagerness to learn from and share knowledge with others.
  • Strong problem-solving capabilities.
  • The ability to continually grow, adapt and reassess as business needs change over time.
  • Someone that is excited to work closely and collaborate with all business functions – incl. audience growth, sales, customer success – to achieve outcomes and drive success with empathy and kindness.

Note: salary range is based in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Joust does not accept applications from agencies or recruitment firms. Only direct applicants seeking full-time employment considered.

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