Senior Backend Developer

At Lufthansa Innovation Hub


## About the job We are Europe’s largest airlines’ innovation unit and work on a variety of innovative projects from new ways of booking flights to the future of climate-neutral flying. As a senior developer, you are someone who can see projects through from beginning to end, coach others, and self-manage. We’re looking for an eager person who can bring our team to the next level with their technical knowledge, people skills, and real-world experience. On the technical side, extensive experience building high-traffic websites using Ruby and Ruby on Rails is a hard requirement. Experience with DevOps (AWS services, Terraform) is a plus but not required. ## The Stack * Ruby on Rails backend & we're experimenting with Sorbet * Open API Specs for contract testing * Postgres * Terraform * Bonus: Amazon Web Services (RDS, ECS, Lambda, Cloudwatch) * Bonus: TypeScript, React/Vue ## How we work * Our biweekly sprint planning call is our only regular meeting * For complex features, write a design doc before coding * All code goes through code review, reviews are split out evenly across the team * A dedicated "runner" fields ad-hoc requests and bug reports each week, so that everyone else can focus * We use Tuple for pair programming ## About you ### Technical Skills & Experience * You've built complex apps in a Ruby on Rails + modern frontend stack before, with a codebase optimized for performance and scale * You've designed & shipped large applications with many components and data structures * You have a proven ability to design interfaces that stand the test of time, showing anticipation of future product changes * You have experience integrating complex third party APIs * You are able to successfully refactor existing code and get rid of tech debt without regressions ### Personality * You are able to handle ambiguity, and can push projects forward even when there is not a clear best path * You see things through from start to finish * You can manage yourself but you also work well with others * A good sense of humor and a great team player * Fluent English and an excellent communicator ## Compensation This is a full-time position and you can work from anywhere within ±6 hours of CET. The salary range is between $90 - 120k.
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