Senior Frontend Engineer (Angular/Typescript)

Senior Frontend Engineer (Angular/Typescript)

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Tokyo, Japan, Remote

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Essential skills

  • Experience in designing, building, testing and debugging modern web applications
  • Ability to write robust, testable code in TypeScript and at least two other languages
  • Ability to analyze use cases and design suitable user interfaces
  • Experience in software development and user interface using one or more web application frameworks (Angular, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Svelte, etc.)
  • Ability to voluntarily research, research, learn, and acquire new skills
  • Basic English proficiency (Team members are internationalized and mainly use English within the team)


Welcome skills

  • Advanced JavaScript knowledge and experience
  • Experience developing web applications using the Angular framework
  • Experience in measuring and optimizing web application performance
  • Work experience in an international team
  • Service development experience in the agile development process
  • Native app development experience (Mac, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Extensive experience including backend and infrastructure
  • Work experience at startup


Required qualities

We are a technology startup. With the power of cutting-edge technology as the background, I would like to continue running at top speed and create a big swell in the world while growing rapidly. Members are required to have the following qualities as well as being outstanding professionals.

  • Always self-motivated, autonomous, and hands-on
  • Be quick and flexible in adapting to new things
  • Sincere, highly Likability, and respect for others
  • High antenna for IT and technology
  • Willingness to develop as a global company


How to apply

To apply, click the link below or send us an email with your story and the salary you want. CVs, and also links to your LinkedIn and Github profile.

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