Backend Developer at AudioValley (Paris, France)

Backend Developer at AudioValley (Paris, France)

At AudioValley

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What you will do

  • Work with other talented engineers (initially 3-4 devs) in a team-oriented agile environment. The team will be based in Luxembourg, Paris and Bruxelles, remote working is welcome, but relocation necessary

  • Work closely with product owners to create innovative and brand new products which will help artists and songwriters to monetize and manage their creative works and rights

  • Contribute to the development of our service backbone, integrating with other music data platforms, and building complex and scalable data processing pipelines

  • Enjoy writing code from scratch without the burden of technical debt, contributing to the choice of the right technologies and way-to-do

  • Optionally give your contribution to other teams activities in the field of devops, frontend development, data engineering, project and product management

  • Become an expert of music tech platform integrations and the value chain standards of the music industry

Your profile

  • At least a few years of working experience as a web developer

  • BSc or MSc in computer science or other relevant fields is not required but strongly preferable

  • Good knowledge and experience with Python and py-based web frameworks (possibly Django)

  • Good knowledge and experience with SQL (Mysql/PostgreSql/MariaDB) and at least a few NoSQL databases (Redis, ES, Mongo, …)

  • Exposure to other backend languages and frameworks

  • Exposure to Javascript/Typescript and typical front-end frameworks (React, Angular, ...)

  • Exposure to CICD automation, public cloud services, Docker, Linux based compute environments

  • Proven high coding standards

  • Knowledge and passion about data science and engineering

  • A working experience in creative industries is not required, but will play a significant bonus

  • Team working skills

  • You love music and music products

  • You can speak English and/or French

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