Senior App Developer (with full stack breadth) at Consultant Connect (Oxford, UK)

Senior App Developer (with full stack breadth) at Consultant Connect (Oxford, UK)

At Consultant Connect

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What you'll be doing
Day-to-day life on the Product Development Team starts with a daily 10 minute standup. From there, it varies a lot.
- Most of the time is spent designing and building solutions. We build using Python, Django, Postgres, Angular, Ionic, and AWS. For design, it’s quick brainstorming, a bit of analysis, sketching on paper or Balsamiq, and/or jotting down a short design doc in Google Docs
- A large chunk of time is spent on understanding issues, users and our platform. This includes talking to ops colleagues. We take turns answering ops support requests
- Everyone gets involved in testing and code reviews. There is no separate QA team. Quality, maintainability and security start at the design stage
- While you have lots of time to put your head down and get on with cracking a problem, it’s not a solo effort. We grab each other as needed for help.

The range of issues may vary from sprint-to-sprint. Often it’s quite user focused. But each quarter, we make a lot of underlying improvements, for example, in our database design or release pipeline. The work can vary from being very user-facing to very technical.

If you like having a holistic view of the product (from idea to release to growth), rather than being highly specialised in one niche, you'll probably enjoy this role.

What we're looking for
General characteristics
- You’re product-focused and you’re user-focused. When you make something, you make it to solve someone’s issue. You understand the issue and the person facing it. You put in a bit of extra effort to make it a good experience for the user
- Uncertainty is a fun problem to figure out, rather than an annoying headache. When you don’t know the answer, you try something. You experiment. You dig.
- You’re a clear concise communicator. When writing or speaking, you know which details are important to convey and when
- You write clean code. Others can pick up where you left off.
- KISS is important to you. You have an instinct for when a solution is too complicated for the problem
- You know how to learn and skill up. When faced with a novel skill area, you can self-critique your level and push yourself to improve
- A high level of written and spoken English
- If you don’t live near Oxford, you are able to travel and work in our office in Oxford at least for a few days each quarter
- No a-holes. Definitely no jerks.

Specific characteristics for this role
- Taken multiple features from idea to release to growth
- Likely means at least 6 years as a developer, having worked with multiple teams
- Mobile app development should be a large focus of the last few years of experience
- Significant experience on front-end web development
- Some experience working on backend (e.g. building APIs, database design, etc)
- Some experience with CI/CD or deployments in general
- Ideally, some experience in an agency (for consumer facing apps) and/or early-stage consumer facing startup

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