Senior Software Engineer - Python at Andela () (allows remote)

Senior Software Engineer - Python at Andela () (allows remote)

At Andela

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Where You’ll Work

Andela is a network of technology leaders dedicated to advancing human potential. We help companies build high-performing distributed engineering teams by investing in Africa’s most talented software engineers.

What You’ll Do

  • Use your knowledge in your core technology to delight our clients around the world.

  • Be responsible for the coding standards, conduct and deliverables of your fast-paced, distributed, teams, by proactively communicating and prioritizing effectively.


A minimum of 5-10 years of professional experience, during which you’ve built deep technical expertise and exercised ownership on various technical teams.


  • Expert-level understanding of Python

  • Intermediate-level understanding of at least one other backend language (In addition to the core language): JavaScript, PHP, Ruby. Go, Scala

  • Advanced understanding of at least one Web Framework for your language of choice: Flask/Django for Python; Node/Express for JavaScript, Rails for Ruby, Lumen/Laravel for PHP.

  • Deep understanding of fundamental database concepts - relational (SQL) database, non-relational (NoSQL) database and ORMs/ODMs

  • Strong knowledge of at least one cloud hosting platform (Ex: AWS, GCP)

  • Comfortable with at least one CI/CD tool (Ex: Jenkins, Travis)

  • Working knowledge of containerization and orchestration techniques

  • Deep understanding of applicable unit and integration testing, and testing frameworks/libraries

  • Strong ability to problem-solve, debug, and understand pertinent performance metrics

  • Comfortable working within agile methodologies and experienced in estimation and time management

  • Awareness of the capabilities of applicable languages/frameworks/libraries as well as the inherent differences between them in order to understand trade-offs and make recommendations.


  • Working knowledge of software engineering collaboration tools

  • Strong preference for test-driven-development (TDD) and understands its importance

  • Working knowledge of code editor and formatting tools

Comfortable with at least one web server technology -- (ex: Apache, Nginx)

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