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UKG is looking to hire a UKG Platform Software Architect to lead and mentor technical leads in designing and delivering functional, scalable, resilient, adaptable, performant, and cloud-native services. This person will serve as a member of the Development organization and the Software Architecture community, with oversight on projects focused on design, integration and technical strategies that will help establish the technical vision for the future scale of our UKG Platform Services. They will establish the starting point for architectural decisions, patterns and practices, and enterprise architecture scale and efficiencies that will shape how software development and technology adoption will evolve at UKG. As a technical leader in the Development organization, this person will be responsible for providing technical guidance to the Documents, Forms and E-Signatures development teams, and technical leads, and will partner with Principal architects of Platform and other peer architects at UKG. They will also collaborate with Product Owners and Engineering Owners towards successful analysis, planning, design, and delivery of the solutions.

• Collaborate with their Engineering Leadership in defining and understanding the business requirements tied to imperative business strategic goals.
• Collaborate with and mentor technical leads towards the evolution and implementation of UKG’s product and technical strategy.
• Serve as Technical Ambassadors of goodwill for our internal Technical Community as well as the external Tech Industry and Academia communities.
• Partner with Product Owners and Engineering Owners when making roadmap, design, architectural, and engineering impacting decisions.
• Effectively communicate and present architectural decisions and technical strategies so that engineering teams properly understand why the strategies need to be adopted.
• Collaborate with their team and lead the development of proofs-of-concept solutions
• Serve as a technical strategic advisor to research work being executed in their domain.
• Build and maintain critical partnership and collaborative work with the external technical industry, open source communities, and academia.
• Occasionally speak on large stages, conferences, and events in order to communicate UKG’s technology story.
• Participate in the preparation and publishing of materials for the submission of patents, as needed.

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