Backend Engineer

At vioma

Since almost 20 Years we love to develop result-oriented Software Solutions in accordance with the Software as a Service principle. All our Technology and Services are aimed at the Hotel & Tourism Industry with a focus on premium hotels. We do not only design, develop and support our software products, we also host them on our own to guarantee for maximum security and quality.

Backend Engineer (m/w/d)
Our Technology:

Microservices architecture, with nearly 100 running servers forming our infrastructure.

  • VueJS frontend
  • Golang backend for all new services
  • Python & PHP backend for legacy systems
  • MySQL & BadgerDB for persistent storage
  • Elasticsearch & Clickhouse for data warehousing
  • Continuous Integration using GitLab 
What we value:
  • Independence and self-reliance. Projects can't be defined down to each function or each line of code, it's important to be able to make intelligent decisions independently.
  • No dumb questions. If something is not clear, or there's a problem somewhere, a quick question can usually save hours of needless investigation/debugging.
  • Testing. Testing. It's easy to write a few lines of code, it's much harder to make sure this code will not need to be constantly rewritten.
  • Messing up is unavoidable. Keeping that in mind helps us prepare for problems before they happen. 
What we're looking for:
  • Someone with an eagerness to learn. Experience with some/all of the technologies we use is great! But we're always looking to use the best tool for the job, and so our tech-stack is continuously growing. The ability to pick up a new language or a new technology is essential.
  • Someone excited about tackling difficult problems and building scalable solutions with solid foundations for future updates.
  • 5+ years of professional experience
  • Some recent experience developing in Golang is a plus
  • Experience designing and working with backend rest APIs
  • Ability to write clean, testable, well-documented code
  • English fluency, verbal and written (German fluency is a plus)
  • Personality traits: problem solver, proactive, highly attentive to detail
  • Background working in the tourism industry is a strong plus, but not mandatory
Your Role:
  • Work on scaling our backend Go microservices
  • Design and build APIs to support new frontend projects that are in the pipeline
  • Expand upon the APIs we currently have, to connect our backend to more systems and add robustness
  • Take operational responsibility for the code that you write over the entire software development life cycle (design → build → test → deploy → maintain)
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